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Will the 49ers draft a quarterback on day 2 (rd 2 or 3)?

Will the 49ers draft a quarterback on day 2 (rd 2 or 3)?

Will the 49ers draft a quarterback on day 2? (rd 2 or 3)?

I've been thinking about this, and I'm seeing it as more and more likely that the 49ers will draft a quarterback much higher that fans expect. Just like the Redskins drafted a backup quarterback high, I think we might dp the same.

We've got a ton of picks

For example, I could see us taking Ryan Nassib, EJ Manuel, or Matt Scott in the third round. Now, I don't think Manuel will fall that far, Nassib might not either. But if the value is there, drafting a quality QB prospect that will be a solid backup for four years and be valuable in future trades is a solid move.
No, not this year. Too many other needs. A late pick this year unless someone drops ridiculously. Maybe next year for a higher pick?
If we take a QB this yr it will be a wasted pick ... kaep is still young N developing he needs all tha coaches attention ...
I think the 49ers will pick a QB on day 3 and no sooner. Maybe someone like Zac Dysert in rd 5 or 6. I just cant see using a 2nd or 3rd rd pick on a QB this year.
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With all the picks we have, i wouldnt be surprise if we take EJ Manuel with our own 2nd rounder and prolly do one of them Eagles like trade bait for like two 2nd rounders for those teams that likes him in a year or two..

Plus, it's really not a bad idea just incase "The Kap" ends up to be a just a Half a Season Wonder!!
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