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OnTheClock's Mock Premiere 3/23/13

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I'd cream my pants if we drafted Williams. He's a stud at NT.
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Love the Williams and Schwenke pics.

I would personally take Thomas, and Alford over Reid and Slay. Personal Preferance there.

I would also take Ace sanders in the sixth, and the Kaufman in the seventh instead of Wilson and Dunn. Personal Preferance again.

Overall i could be happy if the draft went something like this, i ahree with areas of position, just not necissarily players.

No way to Ace Saunders. He's this years Brandon Williams. Small and slow. Dunn is a far superior pick. I was very happy to see him in your mock OTC. He's my favorite late round sleeper for a returner by far.

People can say hes small and slow all they want, hes not a track star, but he will shake tacklers out of their cleats. He ran a 4.53, who cares. Any one who watched him run at the combine could tell he lacked proper technique when it comes to 40 yard times on a track.

The guy is a baller, and is gonna supprise people with the numbers he puts up in the NFL as a return man, even though it really shouldnt be a suprise. Guy makes people look silly on the football field.

So did Mccluster, and he hasn't amounted to anything in the NFL. Too small and not quite fast enough, despite excellent "football speed".

He hasnt really been a PR. Only 8 PR attempts in the last two seasons. Ace would likely be our starting PR, if not this season, then next for sure. McCluster had 452 yards and 52 receptions last season as a WR, and in 2011 had 516 rushing yards. Thats not exactly nothing, but your right, he hasnt lived up to what was expected of him, but thats largely based on the system he was in and not getting many oportunitys or being used the right way, but i ould take those numbers from Ace for sure when you throw in the added PR numbers he would have, plus the fact that he will be a later round pick. He would be worth it just for what he brings to the table as a PR.
Overall, I like your mock a lot...personally, I prefer Sly Williams over Jesse. Both are very good "bigs", I just think Sly would give Fangio a bit more flexibility. I can't argue that Reid wouldn't be a good pick...but, I like Phillip Thomas more. The tiebreaker for me was his warrior mentality...he came back from a broken leg and dislocated ankle to have a terrific senior season, leading the nation w/8 picks. You explained taking Schwenke while Kilgore and Looney are waiting for their starting shot...I get it, but I think Looney could be Goodwin's replacement. He's a bad-ass...has the size, strength and attitude reminiscent of Newberry. I wouldn't be disappointed if we took Schwenke, either. You've got the swing OT included, so good for the OL. I don't think Chase Thomas lasts 'til the 5th rd...his 40 time was disappointing, but as you pointed out, he's got the football instincts to make plays. I vividly remember when Zach Thomas was in the draft...and only Jimmie Johnson saw those same instincts in him when most thought he was "too slow" to make it in the NFL. Love the pick, I just think it'll need to be at least a round earlier to get him. After looking at a dozen or so mocks in Walter's Football draft database, yours is light years ahead of most I've read. Shoot, one of the New NFL Draft mocks was missing half a dozen of our picks, ouch!! Nice job.
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Good to have you back, OTC

Good to be back.
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