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Kicker in the first?!

Hopkins and the kid from Fla (Sturgis) are arguably the two best K in this Walter's Football draft rankings, he lists Sturgis as going in the 4th to 6th rds, Hopkins 5th to 7th rds. That said, there are always a few teams that'll take top K's try and get a jump. Anything earlier than 4th rd would be very unusual, though.

BUT never say never.
In my mock draft I had us taken Hopkins with our 2nd 5th round pick N I'd be fine with that ..I'd maybe be ok with 4th round comp pick #131 depending on who else is on tha board ....
we signed phil dawson, no more kickers in mock drafts
Originally posted by xela510:
He better be hitting 70 yarders consistently.

LOL...this...and if that guy were to ever come along, he'd be a Top 5 draft pick, easy. Imagine your offense only needing to go about 30 yards on each possession to put points on the board....crazy.
Originally posted by NinerFan408:
we signed phil dawson, no more kickers in mock drafts

Doubt it, but I'm finding that team's message board if it does happen. I can only imagine the chaos in NT if we did it.
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