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Do we still go after a WR with one of our first four picks??

Quinton Patton, make it happen Baalke, draft the 49ers next great small Southern school WR.
Originally posted by SSF49er:
Quinton Patton with our second pick in round 2 Ace Sanders in the 5th WR/KR.....GONE MOSS...GINN...MANNINGHAM

I'd like to shake your hand. You sir are a gentleman and a scholar.
Originally posted by buck:
Originally posted by blm7754:

That was serious. A much worse injury than Kyle Williams. He tore ACL and MCL. And it was late in the season. He may not play a single snap in 2013.

Pretty sure it was the ACL and the PCL.

Yeah, you may be right. Either way, serious injury that he may never fully recover from. Too bad, I think Mario was one of my favorite FA signings in recent memory. We should give him till training camp to see how he comes along, but barring an Adrian Peterson type of recovery, I think he'll be getting an injury settlement.

So even with Boldin and giving Williams time to recover (he's cheaper and younger), that still leaves us 2 WRs to replace.
Originally posted by TheFunkyChicken:
My mock draft will feature THREE WRs.

DeAndre Hopkins in the 2nd
Stedman Bailey in the 4th or 5th
Ace Sanders in the 6th

Until we have 2 or 3 WRs that have ACTUALLY produced while in a 9er uniform under contract we have to throw picks and money at this problem.

In my book, both of the last two seasons did not end in superbowl wins because of poor WR depth.

Do you really want to see that happen a third time?????

You have two excellent route runners and a solid return guy. Not s bad list.
Da'Rick Rogers has Roddy White Potential. Get him with our 2nd 2nd round pick.
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