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Phoenix 49ers Post-Boldin Mock Draft

Originally posted by Ninerjohn:
I just dont think that Cyprien is as good as Banks and would rather take the BPA at a position that is always critical. I guess I dont think that Brown, Culliver, and Rogers are elite CBs at all. There are safetys that can be had a bit later in my opinion.

they are absolutely not elite corners. Carlos is a really good #2 option while Brown is somebody who I've never been very high on. Your boy Banks is the man and I would absolutely love to see him in a Niners jersey.
Originally posted by shaneblonien:
Originally posted by Ninerjohn:
I just dont think that Cyprien is as good as Banks and would rather take the BPA at a position that is always critical. I guess I dont think that Brown, Culliver, and Rogers are elite CBs at all. There are safetys that can be had a bit later in my opinion.

they are absolutely not elite corners. Carlos is a really good #2 option while Brown is somebody who I've never been very high on. Your boy Banks is the man and I would absolutely love to see him in a Niners jersey.

I think Carlos is adequate at best as a 3rd guy and would expect this next year to be his last as a 49er. There is a reason that corner backs almost always go much higher in the draft than safetys do.
i really like the 2 safety idea, sign reed have him start and mentor them for a year, then get him and Whitner out of town and we should have a solid safety tandem.
Nice mock Phoenix.

But I think you are overlooking something. We drafted Trenton Robinson last year to replace Goldson at FS. I know he lacks all the physical tools that Goldson has, but he's a solid cover guy. I highly doubt we draft two safeties that high while Robinson is ready to prove himself.

I'd prefer getting a NT higher instead of drafting Wilcox. Or take Rambo a little later and use the 34 pick on a guy like Jesse Williams (what I did in my mock
Btw, I think the Mark Harrison pick is underestimated. If we can get him, I could easily see him (at 6'3", 230) replacing Delanie Walker as the H-back/TE guy as well as matching up on occasion as an outside WR (4.4 speed, near 39" vert, 35" arms....dude is a physical freak).
I'd spend that 3rd rounder on a CB instead of Lattimore. Can't take a flyer with a 3rd rounder Maybe a 5th
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Originally posted by SSF49er:
Manningham 5 million (BOLDIN)
Goodwin 5 million (LOONEY/KILGORE)
Dixon (Z.LINE)
Rodgers 7.5 million(FA)

i and dixon r a waste of space
I like this mock, but would like to see a little more attention devoted to the pass rush. Only carrying 6 LBs could be a little dangerous--especially if the only guy behind Pat and NaVorro is a rookie.
I like this mock much more then your last one. Im not sold on Jonathan Cyprien. Im not sure if he will be good in coverage. I have only seen one game and high light so im not sure.It sounds like your like him alot, and he may go in the first round. I could be way off on him,. I dont like the RB early. i dont think he will play next year. I do get your point about Gore running out of time. But i think he will be there 1 or 2 more years so maybe a RB next year. well we will all see what happen. I like your input so thanks.
I'm not trying to tell you how to mock but I really like your picks outside of JJ Wilcox. I know Whitner is going to be leaving next season were going to have to sign a vet THIS year to take over for Goldson anyway. We don't need to use 2 of the first 4 picks on safeties because were only going to need a replacement for Whitner. We can always draft a safety early in next years draft too. Theres a lot of good pass rushing OLB at that caro pick. Do you really trust Fleming and Johnson? They didnt even play last year. Jamie Collins, Sam Montgomery, Malliciah Goodman, Sio Moore would be potent pass rushing OLB that we could pick up. That rotation seems more valuable than a second safety.

triple post.
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triple post.
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Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Totally psyched about the addition of Boldin, he's the #2 WR the 49ers have lacked and fits perfectly with this offense. The Harvin trade for Seattle knocks them out of the 1st round and I believe that will take away one of the most likely destinations for Datone Jones in the draft. I also think that the 49ers tendering Brock means they won't be going CB early, contrary to what so many here believe. I see them taking one later on in the draft.

Round 1- Datone Jones-DE-UCLA-We all saw this defense go into the fetal position after Justin Smith got injured last year. Jones is not the same guy obviously, but he's also got two key factors working in his favor, athleticism and a high-end motor. With those two building blocks, along with an array of pass-rushing moves, I think he can be developed to be a very good DE for this team. Yes, he's undersized, but for this defense and the type of DE's they use, just barely, and that weight he can easily add in a pro strength training program over the course of a season. He's a guy that could work himself into a regular DE rotation in his rookie season.

Round 2(KC Pick)-Jonathan Cyprien-S-FIU-Terrific ceiling on this player. Similar to Goldson in many ways, very agile, hard hitter, loves to bring the lumber. He's an absolute tackling machine coming out of the secondary. He can and has played either safety position. Very versatile, aggressive guy who simply loves to hit, nice playmaker who always seems to be around the ball. Might be gone by this point, but if available, he would be a hell of an addition to this team and a future starter.

Round 2-Da'Rick Rogers-WR-Tennessee Tech-I know the 49ers have Boldin and Crabtree. But Boldin is a short term solution and Rogers has the same potential to be a very similar player. He has the size, the strength, difficult to jam at the line of scrimmage, uses his body well, a nice red-zone threat also. He will be picked later than his talent indicates due to character concerns but I think if you put him on a veterans roster such as the 49ers and expose him to guys like Boldin and VD, it will help him to grow up, he will be ready to contribute as a rookie and the YAC potential on this team would be nasty. Jenkins is still there to develop as a deep threat. Other guys I like here are Brandon Williams, but I'm assuming he goes to Seattle in the 2nd, as well as Quinton Patton who I think goes to Green Bay.

Round 3(Carolina Pick)-JJ Wilcox-S-Georgia Southern-Yes 2 safeties in the first 4 picks....I know....I know. But the 49ers have to replace Goldson this season and Whitner the next. Wilcox has tremendous talent, is raw, has a ridiculous ceiling, after only playing safety for a year he's developed into a terrific player with outstanding man-to-man coverage skills. Some say he has feet like a cornerback, very smooth, can play either safety position. The duo of Cyprien and Wilcox would give the 49ers versatility and outstanding safety play for years to come.

Round 3-Marcus Lattimore-RB-South Carolina-49ers can afford to take a flyer on a guy who looked like a potential 1st round pick and game-breaking RB in the NFL. Let him sit for a year, recover, and then become the replacement for Gore as the 49ers feature back.

Round 4-Montori Hughes-NT-Tennessee-Martin-Raw player, good athletic skills, had a decent time at the Senior Bowl, he's someone who would require time to develop but the potential is there for him to be a very good NT at the next level. This is the 49ers stockpiling more depth on the DL.

Round 4-Marc Anthony-CB-Cal-Local Cal player, showed tremendous athleticism at the Combine. Would be a good addition for depth and to compete with the Brock for the final CB spot as well as provide a boost to the special teams.

Round 5-Chris Gragg-TE-Arkansas-Had stellar combine, an ideal replacement for Delanie Walker as an h-back, great athleticism, needs to develop as a blocker but he represents good value at this point in the draft.

Round 5-Caleb Sturgis-K-Florida-Arguably the most accurate kicker in this draft. I've seen enough that I don't have any reservations about his leg strength either. Great money kicker, made huge kicks when the pressure was on, very big in the clutch, will give 49ers a replacement for Akers.

Round 6-Mark Harrison-WR-Rutgers-Still like him as an addition to this team, either at WR or to develop as a future H-back. Showed terrific athleticism at the Combine, especially for his size, one of my favorite sleepers in this draft.

Round 7-Chris Jones-DE-Bowling Green-One of my favorite small school prospects, utterly dominated, great guy to have to add to DL depth and develop further, very good pass rusher, good size, would be quite happy to see him selected here.

Round 7-Tanner Hawkinson-OT-Kansas- 49ers need better depth on the OL, especially at tackle. Hawkinson is someone who can be developed to potentially become a starter at right tackle down the road should Anthony Davis not be re-signed.

Round 7-Colby Cameron-QB-Louisiana Tech-Here is your #3 QB. Great leadership ability, smart guy, skilled at reading a defense. Doesn't have the strongest arm, has decent mobility, tries to force passes too often but he's got the raw materials for Harbaugh to work with. His NFL ceiling is probably a solid backup QB, but at this point in the draft, nothing wrong with that at all.

Round 7-Christian Robinson-ILB-Georgia-Backup at Georgia, very solid fundamentally, would be a useful pickup to replace Larry Grant who I ultimately don't see coming back to the 49ers.

49ers Roster

Colin Kaepernick
Scott Tolzien
Colby Cameron

Frank Gore
Kendall Hunter
LaMichael James
Anthony Dixon
Marcus Lattimore-IR

Bruce Miller

Michael Crabtree
Anquan Boldin
AJ Jenkins/Mario Manningham
Da'Rick Rogers
Mario Manningham/AJ Jenkins
Kyle Williams

Vernon Davis
Chris Gragg
Garrett Celek/Mark Harrison

Joe Staley
Mike Iupati
Jonathan Goodwin
Alex Boone
Anthony Davis

Daniel Kilgore
Joe Looney
Tanner Hawkinson

Justin Smith
Ian Williams
Ray McDonald

Datone Jones
Montori Hughes
Chris Jones
Richard Seymour

Aldon Smith
Ahmad Brooks
Darius Fleming

Patrick Willis
NaVorro Bowman
Christian Robinson

Tarell Brown
Chris Culliver
Carlos Rogers
Perrish Cox
Tramaine Brock/Marc Anthony


Jonathan Cyprien
Donte Whitner
Trent Robinson
JJ Wilcox
CJ Spillman

K-Caleb Sturgis
P-Andy Lee

You had me at Datone! Seriously though, nice mock!
We will trade some of these mid round picks, for future picks! If someone wants to trade a future first rounder, for this years first rounder. We had totally better jump on it! GO NINERS!!!!
Originally posted by SSF49er:
1 TE ZACH ERTZ 6'6'' 255 (walker)
2 NT JOHN JENKINS 6'4'' 358 (sopoaga)
2 DE MARGUS HUNT 6'8'' 280 / BENNIE LOGAN 6'3'' 295
3 WR/KR MARQUES GOODWIN 5'9'' 180 4.28 40 (Ted Ginn)
4 TRADE FOR 6th round 2013 and 3 rd round 2014
4 QB MATT SCOTT 6'2'' 202 (SMITH)
5 TRADE 7TH 2013 and 4TH 2014
6 G OMORGIE UZZI 6'3'' 302
6 TE ZACH SUDFELD 6'6'' 261
7 FB/RB ZACH LINE 6'0'' 235 (DIXON) 20 100 yard games
7 TRADE 6 TH 2014
7 TRADE 6TH 2014

Very nice!! This is so similar to mine. Except I want the Honey Badger and don't see a TE with a 1st. Celek is a sleeper.
Datone or Slay would be nice. BTW I started the Zach Line bandwagon thread. He is a beast!!
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