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Who knows anything about datone jones?

Can never say never, many people went up the draft boards according to pundits, but ended up in the second round. Since very few people can know everything about another organization and keep track of all their moves and players on the teams roster its hard to predict, especially when new regimes are formed, you don't know how many will do a 180.

Plus their is always a possibility of a run on picks or panick, Like wr or even safety, looks plenty depth now but if one or two teams start picking a player way ahead of their projection, then others may panock. Which is why Baalke is good, he just goes with the BPA. and if its a player at a postion of need great. Otherwise trade for more picks or a higher round next year, just like he did last year.
I'm not that high on this guy at all, not for us anyway and I would be disappointed if we used our first pick on him.

Personally I would rather see a DT drafted and moved to defensive end, one that takes on double coverage and leaves OLB's to rush the s**t out of the back. Just my opinion but I think that would get the best out of Aldon after Justin leaves.
I know a lot of people don't like, but they just did a scouting report on him that I think is very accurate/interesting.. Compared him to Justin Smith..
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