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49ers targeting Ertz?

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Short arms could be an issue for Stanford TE Zach Ertz.
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hope we get this kid
We very well may need a TE if Walker does
Originally posted by IdahoNiner:
Originally posted by eonblue:
I wouldn't be opposed to Ertz either. In fact I think it would be an aggressive move that could pay big dividends. It's obvious Kaep is going to get better. Our receivers are not though. Ginn jr, Walker, Jenkins, Manningham, and Moss are questions marks in their own way. I would love this pick because Ertz is a huge target, he's physical, fast, and has great hands. All the best QBs thrive with a good TE and Vernon Davis isn't going to be around forever and I would even bet he's going to be losing his step soon. Ertz, Crab, Jenkins, Kaep with Hunter and LMJ carrying the ball and the strong oline make a strong case for the future of the offense with a couple of additions Im sure but this would be a great base.

Umm IMO, Vernon is improving as a pass catcher. This last game he shoed alot of improvment on his pass catching and focus. He didnt leave his feet once from what i remember. I do ant another TE , but dont discount what VD does for this team just because he has an off season as a pass catcher. As things open up, and the offense deelopes further, he will be a big asset, and they find more and more creative ways to get him the ball. I do agree though that we need another TE to complement VD's skillset.
We very well may need another TE if Walker doesn't stay. Beat teams with multiple formations and personel packages. Ertz would add to the dynamic
I'm more back on the Dion Sims bandwagon again, he's a great blocker, makes for a nice red-zone threat, could be had later on in the draft.
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