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No disrespect Phoenix, but Russ Lande is very much an outlier as an online scout. He strikes me as someone who wants to stand out in his analysis and be more of a contrarian than an accurate scout. Some of his evaluations are so off that it makes you wonder if he actually saw any film of the guy.

""Devin Taylor, you kept expecting for some things. Everyone said, 'Oh, he's so great in practice and did so many good things there.' But when he's out on the field, he's not the productive player you need to be. He looks the part. He's got all the physical talent. Maybe in the NFL, you coach him up there. Maybe you find something there that's not showing there at South Carolina in game situations. I thought he could be a second-round pick. He hasn't been productive enough to go that high, in my opinion. I project him more in that third-, fourth-round discussion, just because he's so physically gifted. But the production doesn't equal the talent."-Mel Kiper

You gotta figure that either everyone else is wrong and that this guy is a diamond in the rough, or maybe there's a reason why guys like Lande, Kiper and Rang are all saying the same exact thing about him.

"Looks the part of an NFL stud, doesn't play like it whatsoever."

I'm not saying that at all. I'm saying Lande is not the best example to use...now, if everyone else is saying the same thing, there's probably something to it. My personal opinion about Taylor is that he's miscast as a pass rushing 4-3 DE (doesn't have the explosiveness off the edge or natural rush ability) and more likely needs to beef up and be a 5-technique 3-4 DE. That means he's more of a development-type and the 3rd-4th-5th round projection by Kiper is accurate.