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Holy Balls Eddy Lacy!

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Really. Apparently you've never heard of Glen Coffee or Mark Ingrahm.

Ofcourse Ive heard of coffee and ingram. I don't understand what you were trying to do there. I guess the whole NFL has it wrong. Trent rich was clearly a third rounder. Johnny manziel didn't deserve the heismen either since he was behind loeckel and Matthews. Ingram was clearly a farce. Its all his fault hes in a pass first team with a s**tty defense that.cant ever afford to manage the clock cause they're always down. Richardaon has been the league for 1 year. Ingram has been in for 2 years. Clearly your an Alabama hater. I mean labeling them both a bust makes no sense.

What in the blue hell are you trying to say?
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I came in to post "just another overrated SEC running back who will suck in the NFL".

This x2.

I'm much more excited about guys like Taylor, Franklin and Johnson.
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