Originally posted by SAVAGE49:
No more Walker! I dont want a guy that surprises me when he happens to catch the ball!

No more Ginn! He is only good for punt returns and is hurt too much! Plus his effort to recover the bad pitch from Kap pissed me off!

Bring Moss back for another year if possible, seems like the whole team loves him , and he seems to draw double coverage.

Walker's contributions dont show up on the stat sheet ..his blocking has been a vital element of our attack, plus his chemistry with Kap has translated into points for us

I agree Ginn is on the downside of his career ...to me he does not look healthy , nor does he display the confidence level he did last season, I'm still thinking he will come back strong this season ....an experienced kick returner is a precious commodity in the NFL , but LMJ looks like he is more than capable of handling the KR duties

I'd LOVE to see Moss come back for one more year ...but if we win it all , I can see #84 walking into the sunset a winner after he captures that coveted superbowl ring to top off an amazing career