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Running back is now a need. who should we be looking at.

How many rb's can anybody name who came back from an achilles injury who returned to pre injury form.

Dont get it twisted folks, im not suggesting we burn a high pick on a back. i want hampton and lmj to succeed, i would love for hunter to come back and be as close to 100% as possible even though he still wouldn't be available until this time next year. Im HOPING the tear isn't a complete one. There was even a moment when i thought jh was telling a bold face lie. Hell, moving forward im hoping that the niners don't suffer anymore injuries to the back field this year or the next. Thats a lotta hope.

In the end i was just wanted some of the resident draft nicks opinions on this years rb stable.
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talk about overreacting

This. In no way is this team in need for ANOTHER running back. If we pick one up, it'll be an undrafted free agent. We have Frank, LMJ, and Jewel Hampton who people are sleeping on. Kendell will come back, but we have enough depth and won't need to rush him back.

i hope jewel hampton can be for us what Bryce Brown is for Philly, idc about the fumbles on monday night, that guy was great. im not gonna pretend I know anything bout hampton tho. just wishful thinking. but i agree, we have depth, kendall will return when he's healthy
If this was in the draft forum, you would not be getting fried, the niners do not need a back for the 2012 season. Going into the 2013 draft, with a slew of picks there is no doubt the FO will be evaluating RB's and choose one in the draft and sign one as an UDFA. They do this pretty much every year as RB's can play special teams and are always needed for depth.

I think the future offense is more of a spread offense with CK7 running the offense. I see two smaller backs perhaps on the field at the same times. Lot of option reads, underneath routes as the defense now has to defend the long ball.
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Late Round Running Back Prospects:

  • Rex Burkhead- 5-11, 210 Nebraska
  • Cierre Wood- 6-0, 215 Notre Dame
  • Zac Stacy- 5-9, 210 Vanderbilt
  • Marcus Coker- 6-0, 230 Stony Brook
  • Johnathan Franklin- 5-10, 205 UCLA
  • Ray Graham- 5-9, 195 Pitt

I personally like Cierre Wood the best as he is the most complete back.
As for big, power backs, Marcus Coker and Rex Burkhead are good options late in the draft.

late 2nd early 3rd
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