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Who would you draft if we traded Kaepernick for a 1st and a 3rd after the season?

Let's assume for fun that we trade Colin Kaepernick to the Kansas City Chiefs for a 1st and a 3rd in 2013. What would you do with the picks? KC is probably picking around 5th. we'd end up with 6 picks in the first three rounds.

I would draft at all the positions where we face future salary cap crunches at. Those are (in order)

1. Safety
2. OLB
3. CB
4. interior OL
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for sake of your little game. Give me the Honey badger if he comes out at #5ish
Justin smiths replacement, but it aint gonna happen. Kaeps our future in my opinion
Originally posted by krizay:
for sake of your little game. Give me the Honey badger if he comes out at #5ish

+1 and the way you said it made me chuckle.
For the sake of fun, if I had it my way
BUt I would go Alex Okafor or Cornellius Carradine with the first pick if we're talking #6 overall, like Nevadalover said, Justin Smiths replacement. Its gonna be hard to find that. Better the pass rush, the easier it is for our DB.
I dont thing we need a safety that bad to take one with the #6 pick, especially with the amount of safety talent in this draft. We dont need him to start, just be a serviable back up with enough skills to start and not have a huge drop off in talent.

Pick #2
It would be Kenny Vaccaro or the next best safety on the board if 1st round worthy.

2nd Rd
Marcus Davis. WR from VT. Read thread about him for reasons

3rd Rd.
pick 1.Micah Hyde CB. Iowa just for talented CB depth and the future. He'd be an upgrade over/ replacement for Brock with potetial to start in the future. Rogers, Brown, Culliver, Cox and Hyde would make a nice secondary.

pick2. Kyle Van Noy OLB out of BYU. Needs a little more muscle, but he looks good. idk if he'll declare though.
at Kaep being worth a 1st and a 3rd
Originally posted by vrabbit:
at Kaep being worth a 1st and a 3rd

lol. I did this as well, but this thread is just for fun so I went along with it
If its for fun, an opposite opinion is allowed.

With the hatful of draft picks we already have, it couldn't make any sense cap-wise or otherwise to accumulate more. Whilst it won't happen, if we did I should like to see us trading picks back to the following year.
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Just for fun if this happened I would hope we moved down from 5 or where ever we would end up. We have a lot of starters who will be FAs in the next few years. I stock pile picks for the upcoming years. Maybe the 5th overall for a 1st, 2nd and 3rd the following year or move down in the 1st for an extra 2nd or 3rd the following year. Then I'd hope we would draft a project QB to battle it out with Tolzien. Don't see Kap going anywhere though. Same thing with Alex. I could see what we are doing now working for at least this year and maybe next year. Alex and Kap are FAs after the 2014 season so if both are around we would have to re-evaluate the future.
This topic is like asking ok Who's going to be Harbaugh's replacement next year when he goes to the Colts or something...I mean (Not to be an azz) but seems you have TOO Much time on your hands asking ?s like that
So the team FINALLY has 3 qb's on the roster that I like.

1. Alex Smith
2. Colin Kaepernick
3. Scott Tolzien

QB is the most important position on the field. The niners need consistency at the position, with the above 3 the team can maintain that consistency for the next few years. WHY would you want to mess with this line up??

Additionally Kaepernick adds a spark to the offense that defenses have to game plan for, so why would you want to give up a play maker??
Dude, there's no way he'd go for anything more than a 2nd and that's if a team gets extremely desperate. More like a 3rd or 4th.
Originally posted by Sjceruti:
Dude, there's no way he'd go for anything more than a 2nd and that's if a team gets extremely desperate. More like a 3rd or 4th.

Where's your logic?

Kid was picked at the very top of the second round and has not hit the field because Harbaugh got a veteran to play out of his mind. The biggest knock on him last yr was that he was raw and now he's spent over a year with the king Midas of QB gurus. If we traded Kaep, at the very least we'd recoup what we invested in him. Why would you buy a house for a certain price, remodel it and boost its value and then sell it for lower than you paid??

CK7 has improved since last year, his value is going up not down.
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