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If we draft Dwight Jones in the 1st round i will kill myself

Please don't f**k this up Baalke
never even heard of him, lol
WR from NC
I think there is a better chance we forfeit the pick entirely.

Mike Jones....
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Dwight is awesome.

Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
Please don't f**k this up Baalke

cosigned, I'm really gonna be upset if we draft Mike Jones. That dude's not even a football player. Who? MIKE JONES.
dude is not a 1st round prospect on my watch... We did take a former UNC player the last time we drafted late in the 1st round.
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In that case, he should start rising up my boards then...
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Jones has failed to a late day 2 status, back to where he belongs. dont worry it wont happen.

Won't even be drafted. You have no fears.
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will you start throwing things?
Originally posted by Amir:
Dwight is awesome.

HAHAAHA!!! I can't stop watching it even though its a 2 second loop
Originally posted by ImaMod:
will you start throwing things?

Already did when i seen nickbradley had us picking Peter Warrick
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Relax won't happen, hes a 6th round pick at best, his off-season was just horrible. And I was probably the one that wanted to draft this guy the most as a 1st or 2nd round pick.
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