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Fleener is there at our pick. Do we....

Fleener is there at our pick. Do we....

There has been a lot of Fleener talk here on the 'Zone. I can't say that I feel too strongly one way or the other about the guy. Having said that, I think there may be some teams behind us who might be willing to trade up for the guy. I don't really think he will be available at #30, but personally, I hope he is, so that we can trade back and get more ammo to move around and get certain players in the later rounds.

I think there are a few interesting players valued in the second round and early third round that would look great in red and gold. I'm looking at you Ta-amu, Zeitler (or other G's), a few RBs like Miller, WR like Quick (or if Randle, Hill, etc fall out of first)

I'm hoping Fleener is there at #30 so we can trade with a team that needs help (im looking at you MIA, TAMPA, BUFF, etc) Hell, Andy Reid would love another reason to throw the ball 50 times a game.

So the question is, take Fleener or take advantage of the hype? I'm voting to trade down with someone that wants Fleener, because the last thing I want is to pass on him and then have the Gmen take him two picks later. Manning does not need another weapon
The only way I can see moving down is if we get a next year #1 or we move down only a few slots and Hill / Wright / Zeitler / Miller are all there and we are guaranteed to get one of them.
Take him!

But if someone offers a fantastic deal that's too good to refuse - then we take the deal.

It would have to be a VERY good deal.
Depends on who else is still on the board. Fleener was good speed and is a big target-like Vernon, he can split wide thus playing WR or TE. On offense you want to create schemes and match up problems. Drafting a wr, he will only play WR.
Trade down and take Jeffery or Randle.
If Fleener is there in the late 20's, whatever team that wants him bad enough to trade up and grab him will do so BEFORE our pick. No way they would take the chance of us not taking him. And we ALL know who would be willing to trade out of the 1st, the team always looking to make a deal at the bottom of the 1st...the Pats. They have 2 1st rounders ( 27 from NO ) and their own 31. If Fleener is there at 27, teams are going to be burning up the Pats phone. I have a STRONG feeling he doesn't make it to them though, I think Houston at 26 picks him. If not, I could see us being the team that trades with the Pats at 27.

15 MORE DAYS!!!!!
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The greater question is: If Fleener is on the board at 30, and the Niners do not select him, the Webzone will _________________________________________.
Originally posted by MadDog49er:
The greater question is: If Fleener is on the board at 30, and the Niners do not select him, the Webzone will _________________________________________.

Originally posted by Chaoslord209:
Originally posted by MadDog49er:
The greater question is: If Fleener is on the board at 30, and the Niners do not select him, the Webzone will _________________________________________.

LOL. We have to pick him. But I think we have to trade up to get him realistically.

pick him because he can help us in the red zone and we'd keep him away from the Giants.
Hard to imagine a trade offer good enough for me to pass on Fleener. Just take him... would help our offense so much.

rd 1 options:

1. OL / Cordy Glenn
2. WR / Coby Fleener
3. WR / Alshon Jeffery
4. WR / Stephen Hill
5. OL / Peter Konz

6. trade back
fleener would be the BPA
Take BPA. If we get a compelling a trade offer, and there are multiple options of relatively the same value at the trade down slot, take it.

As Maiacco says, thanks to our free agency moves, this draft is all about depth. At many positions in this draft, there is sufficient depth to still get a good player in the third round.

Justin Smith and Ray McDonald played a lot of snaps last season. And Soap is on the last year of his contract. Let's improve our depth on the DL.

Reggie Smith and Maldieu signed with other teams, and our other safety, Spillman is a special teams ace. We could use depth their considering we are franchising Goldson this year.

We could always use another CB.

Yes, we have needs at OG, but we don't know if Kilgore is the answer. Even if he is, we would need another OG/C as backup, and eventually move to center.

Lastly, as everyone knows, we should draft a WR because our passing attack was so anemic. But there are big tall receivers and TEs all the way through the 4th round, so if there is a better player on the board at #30, we don't have to take Fleener to have a tall redzone threat to high point fade routes in the corner of the endzone.
After Aldon Smith last year I'm gonna have to defer to Baalke on this one
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