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49ers 2012 (Mock) Draft v.2.0

wtf is the big deal about taking another TE? we wouldnt have Andrew Luck throwing to him gaiz Lol
Originally posted by 49ersalldaway126:
Originally posted by RDB4216:
Well in our offense though, a #2 TE would still see the field a lot more than a #3 WR.

last year we were forced into 2 TE sets because of our WR corps was pathethic

if we had more talented WR we would use them more

Originally posted by WildBill:
Nice mock, but the difference and this is just me, I'd trade the late picks to try and get turbin at running back even though we signed Jacobs. Whateve draft picks if have any go wr. This way, next year we go after all defense.

McCloughan said a few years back when we had like 4 7s and 3 6s that nobody was in the market to trade those low picks for 3s, 4s and 5s. You just don't see it happen that often. If you want another 3, 4 or 5 most likely you have to give a pick the next year a round earlier. So 3rd would cost a 2nd, 4th would cost a 3rd, 5th would cost a 4th.

Anyways, mike86 I really like you mock.
Like everyone else I'm for Flenner at one. I just read this mock that stated, do the Niners want a second string tight end or a first string guard or wide out. Made me think a bit.
I like Rainey a lot. He didn't time a quick as he plays, but he's going to really help a team out. Im not so sure he makes it to us in the 4th, much less the 5th.
Originally posted by DONBIS:
Great Mock, that's all it is.

Yeah I love it. Except for Jansen Jackson, just don't think he's very good.
Can Chris Rainey last a whole season?
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