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49er mock with trades

When pick 29 is being made, the 49ers GM Trent Balke is communicating with Giants GM Jerry Reece.
Balke: "haha ur lucky you beat us, we draft ur te"
Reece: "no wait, we make trade!" *keyclicks* "are 1st and 5'th for ur 1st"
Balke: "no we want 1st and 3rd u need TE or we beat you next year in playoffs"
Reece: "hang on have to ask boss... ok we make trade"

Balke immediately trades the Giants 32 and the 49ers 4'th and 6'th and 7'th for the Ravens 29th
and trades the 92 and 94 selections to the Bucs for their 68th

29: Coby Fleener TE Stanford
61: Brandon Brooks OG MIA (Oh)
68: Marvin Jones WR Cal
165: Duke Ihenacho S SJS

Having no actual football knowledge of my own I used OTC's player rankings. I apologize for not drafting a defensive lineman but I believe the 49ers will use their current backups more next year.
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Since when was Baalke and Reece Asian?
Didn't know all GM's spoke in broken English........
this is retarded and kinda racist...
why were all those retarded trades even necessary?
Originally posted by m_brockalexander:

This is a first for me, but THIS!
This is terrible
No bueno

Originally posted by Jesu80ncleats:
Since when was Baalke and Reece Asian?

In my country, not so much...

Geeze, go easy on him guys. This is probably a kid posting.
Wow you guys are kinda harsh, and I now realize that mock drafts are very very serious things.

I thought it was kind of funny how the 49ers screwed the Giants out of Fleener, but perhaps the mechanics of the trades were too complex and the humor too subtle.

The reason for all the trading up was so that the 49ers, who have few deficiencies this year, and subsequently few open roster spots, would obtain a small number of more talented players rather than a large number of (on the average) less talented players. I think we can all agree that the earlier someone is drafted, the more talented they tend to be.

For those of you who are suggesting it was racist, perhaps you could let me know which race was being mocked so that I might avoid offending anyone in the future and so that apologies may be extended.

Here is the URL that inspired the writing style. Warning: many of you will, apparently, find it racist.

I thought the draft addressed a lot of needs, personally I'd be very happy if something like that actually happened. But I only have 50 some odd posts, so what do I know.
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