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If all these players are available at #30 who do you pick and why

If all these players are available at #30 who do you pick and why

DeCastro, but I can't see him making it to 30 in any scenario.
Not a fair poll. No way DeCastro is there.
DeCastro of course. BPA and need...

But I strongly assume that he won't be available at our pick. Then I would go for Hill or Fleener.
Hill: Even if we get some new WRs under contract, I assume that those guys won't be enough for the future. But could be helpful for the next season. Let Hill sit a little bit and work on his issues for a year and we will have an amazing #1-Wideout til 2013.
Fleener: Would prefer him over Hill if he runs a good 40.
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Between Hill and Konz.
With all the f.a. movement as it stands now
I think we would benefit with best center/guard
or the best wr. we csn get with our 30th pick
I chose Hill..but honestly, Decastro.

Decastro is the safe pick. Fills a definate need. Hill is flashy and could be a huge addition.
I don't think it would be a question. DeCastro would be my pick hands down (although I see him going top 20 easy) due to the fact that he would step right in and solidify a position of need on our O-line. I have read he is the best Guard prospect in the last decade.
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DeCastro falling past 20 would have to mean he failed a drug test or something hilarious, no way we get our mitts on him if we dont trade up to the top 15. Of course if he was there he would be the best pick but being realistic its between Konz and Hill.
DeCastro hands down, which will solidify a serious area of need, and then draft Streeter in the 2nd or 3rd.
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Originally posted by m_brockalexander:
Decastro would be an absolute lock to be the Niners pick if he was available at #30. He is familiar with the offense and possibly the best OG prospect coming out in years. With Snyder moving on and Rachal getting let go, the Niners would sprint to the podium with the draft card.
Got to say if Decastro fell to 20, and our WR situation seemed better, I would be game to give up a third to move up and get him. Man we would have a young, talented OL. I know we need some depth at other positions but just feel the reward would out weigh the risk.
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Originally posted by pete98146:
That would be a no brainer. DeCastro is easily the highest rated on your list and an area of need for the Niners. We are bound to get one of either Manningham, Royal or Robinson which makes for a pretty good receiving corp. Crabtree/Moss/Manningham-Royal-Robinson is a big upgrade from last year.

DeCastro becomes an instant starter and shores up our OL which gave up a lot of pressure up the gut last year. Plus Alex is MUCH more dangerous when he's not pressured.

I agree DeCastro is the best player on the list. The premise if available is key, because DeCastro will not be there at pick 30.

How could the answer not be DeCastro...that would be the steal of the draft.
Originally posted by mike:
Decastro shouldn't even be on the list. Why not put Blackmon or Richardson if you're going to be unrealistic like that.

this. I didn't vote for him, because it is ridiculous to think he would fall to 30. seriously. ridiculous. Personally, I think we should get Luck or RGIII, if they fall. If we're lucky, we could get one of them at 30 and one at 62, just so we have a good backup plan going forward.

Hill could be awesome, but I have more confidence that Fleener will be consistently affective in 2012.
There is no way that would happen but if De Castro were there at 30 that would be a major coupe for the 9ers
He is by far the best OG in the draft and would make the RG spot a solid force in the OL. We would even be fortunate
if Cordy Glenn was available still at 30, however much more feasible. Glenn would also be a wonderful addition for the OL
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DeCastro would be the pick for three reasons:

1) He is the best OG in the draft
2) He already knows the offense
3) He could start right away and be there for 10 years plus.
im very intrigued to see 2 te sets of davis and fleener, i want hill or fleener
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