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Best Value WR to groom behind Randy Moss (consider draft position)

Best Value WR to groom behind Randy Moss (consider draft position)

hill or streeter
Originally posted by gavindirishmen:
I want Streeter and Hill. Streeter seems to have that Moss swagger. Hopefully we can get that without the attitude.
Goodbye Kyle Williams!

We carry 6 WRs, so Kyle Williams wouldn't be going anywhere. He is what our ridiculous Depth chart would look like:

FL1: Moss
SE1: Crabtree
SL1: Williams
SL2: ?
FL2: Hill
SE2: Streeter
Originally posted by 49ersalldaway126:

smae physical traits

best compliment to our team next year is slot WR (we dont have one)

wright is best so its what you want i guess because hill wont make much of an impact next year especially with moss ahead of him on depth chart

So Hill at #30 > Streeter at #62?
What about Quick?
Originally posted by nickbradley:
So Hill at #30 > Streeter at #62?

hill may be raw but streeter is rawer(?) he has worse hands and doesnt plays a lot slower than hll

hill also has greater work ethic and better blocker
Originally posted by hondakillerzx:
Hill is a freak of nature, moss is a freak of nature. i think it works

Agree. I want Stephen Hill
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