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Your WR Big Board (Top 10)

Originally posted by YungAce:
1. Justin Blackmon
2. Michael Floyd

(I think there is a significant gap between the first two and the rest)

3. Kendall Wright
4. Brian Quick
5. Stephen Hill
6. Alshon Jeffrey
7. Rueben Randle
8. Mohamed Sanu
9. Marvin McNutt
10. AJ Jenkins

Honorable Mention: Tommy Streeter

last edit before the draft. so long ghey boys!!

I put McNutt over Jenkins lmao
1. AJ Jenkins
2. AJ Jenkins
3. AJ Jenkins
4. AJ Jenkins
5. AJ Jenkins
6. AJ Jenkins
7. AJ Jenkins
8. AJ Jenkins
9. AJ Jenkins
10. AJ Jenkins

Originally posted by SunDevilNiner79:
Revised top 10 WR:
1. Justin Blackmon
2. Michael Floyd - put him slightly above Hill based on his route running ability
3. Stephen Hill
4. Chris Givens
5. A.J. Jenkins
6. Rueben Randle - Starting to get a little down on him,
7. Kendall Wright - still think he projects best as a slot WR
8. Alshon Jeffery - Starting to grow on me, much better at routes then I gave him credit for before. I also like how physical he plays with CBs, CBs have a hard time pressing him at the line. He will probably go up when I revise the rankings next time
9. Marvin Jones
10. Joe Adams - his YAC ability gets him in the top 10.

Changes from last board: Slid Randle down 2 spots, took Tommy Streeter out of top 10 because I think he will be a late 3rd rounder, gave a bump to Kendall and Jeffery.

I see some sites are starting to put Chris Givens in the 2nd, glad they could come around Next up is people need to start looking at AJ Jenkins and move him up.

Originally posted by MadDog49er:
Still adjusting it, but here is my current BPA board for WR's
1. Blackmon- Best WR entering draft since Megatron.
2. K. Wright- Dynamic, deep threat.
3. Hill- I hate the idea of ranking someone this raw, this high, but the measurables are so good, it is hard to see a bust in him
4. Sanu- Just a stud on the field.
5. Floyd- I think overrated as a player. Still very good, but not elite.
5. Jenkins- Getting better all the time. Really like the kid. Superb footwork.
6. Quick- Huge upside. Very impressed with his potential.
7. J. Wright- Completely overlooked this offseason, but a terrific player
8. Marvin Jones- Consistently solid this offseason. Not dynamic, but steady.
9. Givens- Pretty good WR. I think he has third round value. Just in a deep field this year.
10. Adams- runs crisp routes, and drives defenders off well, as shown in the Senior Bowl.

Props to MD and SunDevil.
Originally posted by NickSh49:
Props to MD and SunDevil.

Let's not start sucking each other's dicks quite yet. We'll have to revisit this in two years
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