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stever's try on a good offseason

I love Ryan Broyles game. He was an early 2nd. I think he was the 2nd most consistant WR in college the last 2 years (Blackmon) and he contributed all 4. He was still a Belitnikof finalist despite missing last few games. The knock on him was size/speed. I'll be curious to see what he runs at his pro day. He wont be ready to run at the combine. He's 5'10 190 with GREAT hands and ELITE run after catch ability. His production and tape cant be argued with. The question will be his speed after the injury. He definately can replace Ginn as a rookie if the injury is behind him.

As much as I would love to sign Alex for 2 years, I dont see it. Harbaugh loves this guy and his agent will probably demand 4 minimum. I think years is more important to him then $$. For your scenario though, 7M is a realistic cap number.

I personally have swayed a bit in the Brooks/Rogers can only keep 1 debate. I'm leaning more to keeping Brooks. He's younger, cheaper, and Culliver can step up at CB for Rogers. A younger, cheaper free agent CB like Carr, Marshall is also a possibility. We would have to draft another corner though regardless IMO. If we keep Brooks, we are pretty set at OLB.

I agree to tag Goldson. His cap number would be 6.3m. He played pretty well on a 1yr in 2011. If he wont take 5 and 25, we move on next year unless he takes another step towards elite.

Overall 1 move dictates others. It just seems like after having the best Linebackers in the league in 2011, losing 3 and drafting 3 doesnt make sense.

Nice job, predicting years and $$ will have the haters picking you apart....A for effort.
Originally posted by buck:
Larry Grant is a restricted free agent. We should put a 2nd round tender on him.

If we do that, we will get a second round pick if he signs with another team.

If he stays,we have a starting quality back-up for Willis and Bowman.

was just gonna say that, place 2nd rd tender, if he walks, get a 2nd.
Agree with most of it although we will definitely go after a number one wr, most likely one that doesn't get signed in the first few days of fa. That means v jax bowe Colston are gone so most likely we end up with a reggie wayne deshaun jax l Robinson Stevie Johnson.

That eliminates the #3 type Wrs in Manningham and meachem
Nice job and detail. Like the Meachem pickup, but would like another tall WR.
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