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49oz2Superbowl Mock Draft/Offseason (with Video)

Key FA Assumptions:

49ers resign: Dashon Goldson (4 yr, $24m), Carlos Rogers (4 yr, $28m), Ahmad Brooks (4 yr, $20m), Alex Smith (2 yr, $15m), Adam Snyder (2 yr, $6m), Josh Morgan (4 yr, $15m), Blake Constanzo (2 yr, $2m), Tavares Gooden (2yr, $3m), CJ Spillman (2yr, $4m)

49ers cut/let walk: Moran Norris, Chilo Rachal, Shawntae Spencer, Ted Ginn, Larry Grant

FA: Dwayne Bowe- 8 yr, $80m (structured similar to Nate Clements' contract, more like 6 yrs, $54m)

Draft: Based on our new standard of "Gold Star" players, I tried to target players in each round that match our standards, position needs and that I believe have the ability to make the biggest impact on our roster.

1) Coby Fleener- WR, Stanford (6-6, 244)

Finally, we add to our redzone repertoire with a tall and reliable target with jump ball ability. Between Bowe and Fleener we wil have one of the most potent redzone receiving attacks in the NFL. Fleener and VD would instantly contend for the best TE duo in the NFL and keep NFL defensive coordinators up at night. Fleener possesses everything that VD lacks (hands, route running ability, height, general football intelligence in reading the soft spot in a zone) and would provide the PERFECT compliment to VD. He is familiar with Jim Harbaugh's offense and can instantly contribute to this team and provide Alex Smith a reliable safety blanket.

2) Joe Adams- WR, Arkansas (5-11, 190)

Finally gives us the explosive homerun threat we need on offense. He not only is an explosive wide receiver with elite speed, quickness, and ability to get separation, he also provides a dynamic punt/kick return option to this team. This is a pick that will excite 49er fans for years to come.

3) Trumaine Johnson- CB, Montana (6-2, 204)

Trumaine Johnson fits the mold of the long and athletic, small school corners we love to target. Trumaine may need to refine his skills at the NFL level, but he's got elite ability and if he were to play at a bigger program, he would not be on the board here. Reminds me alot of Jimmy Smith, slightly less skilled but much better character.

4) Michael Brewster- C, Ohio St (6-5, 305).- Brewster was once regarded as a 1st round talent, but inconsistent play and a poor showing in the Senior Bowl sent him plummeting down draftboards. With great ability and frame, we can develop Brewster behind Jonathan Goodwin to be our starter in 2013 (Dan Kilgore and Mike Person to compete at RG)

5) Devon Wylie- WR, Fresno St (5-9, 185)

We draft another wr. Yes this is another wr of smaller stature, but the focus here is wide receivers that possess the skill set to consistently get separation. Wylie looks like a Wes Welker clone (not bc he's white) and a potential future star as a slot wr. Not to mention he brings an added element of KR/PR ability. There will be no shortage of PR capable players on this team.

6) Derek Wolfe- DE, Cincinatti (6-5, 300)

A great developmental defensive end. Will need adjust to the 3-4, but provides a great longterm option to develop behind Justin Smith. Wolfe looked great in the senior bowl. High character, high motor, and a golden star on our draft board.

7) Brandon Lindsey- OLB, Pitt (6-2,250)- Lindsey went from being highly touted, to a draft afterthought. His play is inconsistent, he is not great in any one area of his game, and struggles to get off blocks when engaged. This may be a bit of a stretch, but I'm predicting that come draft day Lindsey will be a significant faller. At this spot he's too good a value to pass up.

New Roster

QB- Alex Smith, Colin Kaepernick. Scott Tolzien
WR- Dwayne Bowe, Michael Crabtree, Joe Adams, Josh Morgan, Devon Wylie, Kyle Williams
TE- Vernon Davis, Coby Fleener, Delanie Walker, Nate Byham
RB- Frank Gore, Kendall Hunter, Anthony Dixon
FB- Bruce Miller

LT: Joe Staley, Alex Boone (swing tackle)
LG- Mike Iupati, Mike Person
C- Jonathan Goodwin, Mike Brewster
RG: Adam Snyder, Daniel Kilgore
RT- Anthony Davis, Alex Boone (swing tackle)

ROLB- Aldon Smith, Parys Haralson
MLB- Patrick Willis, Navoro Bowman, Tavares Gooden, Blake Constanzo
LOLB- Ahmad Brooks, Brandon Lindsey
DE- Justin Smith, Ray McDonald, Derek Wolfe, Demarcus Dobbs
DT- Isaac Sopoaga, Ricky Jean Francois
CB- Carlos Rodgers, Chris Culliver, Tarrel Brown, Trumaine Johnson
FS- Dashon Goldson, CJ Spillman, Colin Jones
SS- Donte Whitner, CJ Spillman, Colin Jones
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This would be pretty good
no matter what forum its in, I think most of those contracts for our free agents are unrealistic.
Originally posted by HessianDud:
no matter what forum its in, I think most of those contracts for our free agents are unrealistic.

Nice job
I'm not sure we can afford Bowe if we re-sign Brooks, Goldson and Rogers.
alex wont sign for 2 yrs. morgan wont get offered 4. i think rogers and goldson will get more than that or want more. i really like your draft though! i would be very happy if our offseason could work ot this way.
Rogers should get a 5yr deal, Brooks a 5yr deal.

And Bowe, 8yr 80M WOW, I dont think anyone could compete with that offer, but we will have a hard time keeping pretty much everyone and then adding Bowe. Plus he will be tagged, and will need to be traded to us for 2 1sts,

Originally posted by niners9:
alex wont sign for 2 yrs. morgan wont get offered 4. i think rogers and goldson will get more than that or want more. i really like your draft though! i would be very happy if our offseason could work ot this way.

I don't know how much leverage Alex Smith will really have. He of all people are tied to Jim Harbaugh and this organization. Had he left last season, he would have been lucky to get $3 per year. 2 years will be ideal for both parties as it will give him continuity in the same offense for the first time with the guy that turned his career around and afford him the opportunity to prove he's a franchise player just in time for a big pay day (as he's still young).

For a 31 year old cb that hasn't been a top 25 cb his entire career (until this year), I think 4 years at $7m is just about the "hometown discount" Carlos Rogers was talking about. Goldson may be a bit of a stretch at that price, but hoping for the same type of hometown discount" and the fact that he garnered so little interest on the open market that he resigned with us for a 1 year, $2 m deal says it all right there. He isn't elite by any stretch, can struggle in coverage, but is a solid all around layer and can flash the big play. I think teams will see that, and while he may see up to $7 m per year elsewhere, he'd take a lower cut for a chance at a Super Bowl and to stay with the team that drafted him (and that electric locker room).

I too think Bowe would be a pipe dream, but I believe he should be our offseason priority given his age, upside, fit for the WCO, ability as a blocker, redzone threat, and ability to avoid the injury bug (unlike my other pipe dream Colston).
Honestly, I would rather keep the D together than splurge on a WR. I also want them to start thinking about Frank's eventual replacement.
Cant really go wrong with your picks.

But, a few things:

1- We offered Goldson 5 yrs/25 mil last year and he turned it down. What makes you think he takes less after a Pro-Bowl season? If anything, he will seek a Eric Weddle deal at 5 yrs/40 mil/19 guaranteed and he will get that from someone. Or we franchise him.

2- I cant see Rogers going for 7 mil when he can get 10 on the market. He will seek a Jonathan Joseph deal at 5 yrs/48.5 mil or 9.7 mil/ year. He wont get 5 years but I think he gets alot more than 7 mil/ year. Also, I love Rogers but I dont want to give a 31 year old a 4 year deal. I highly doubt his good play lasts until he is 35. 2 years for 18 mil with a club option for a 3rd is all I'd do.

3- Ahamd Brooks is going to ask for ALOT more than 4 yrs/20 mil. He is an every down linebacker who anchored the best defense in the league. Look towards Lamaar Woodley's 10 mil a year deal for what Brooks is going to ask for, I'd offer 5 years/40 mil with 18 guaranteed. One could argue that Brooks will get the tag if we cant work out a long-term deal. We need to keep our front 7 together. It wont matter who we have in our secondary if we cant rush the passer. Brooks is a must sign.

4- No way I'd give Morgan a 4 year deal. 1 or 2 years is all I would do at max 2 mil a year. He is not worth over 4 mil a year. Not even close. Take that money and put it towards Colston or one of the Jackson's.

5- Why does Gooden get 1 mil more than Costanzo?

6- I think Smith gets a 2 year deal as well for about 14-15 mil. If he wants more years/money he can walk and we can let Kaepernick manage the offense.

There is no way we can afford all our guys and give an 80 mil deal to Bowe, It just wont happen.

The way I see things shaking down is:

1- Alex Smith 2 yrs/14 mil
2- Ahmad Brooks 5 yrs.40 mil/19 guaranteed (4 mil in first year)
3- Dashon Goldson 1 year franchise tag
4- Adam Snyder 3 yrs/12 mil
5- Ted Ginn 2 yrs/4 mil
6- Josh Morgan 1 yr, 1.5 mil

Totals: 25.5 mil which is pushing it considering we have 33 mil in space.


Carlos Rogers, Chilo Rachal, Reggie Smith, Madieu Williams, Shawntae Spencer

Draft: CB in round 1, WR in round 2. OLB in round 3

There is just no way we will be able to keep all our guys.
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te in first waste of pick. for how many times we would see a 3 te set.... and hes not getting close to pushing dwalker back in rookie year. not enough contribution to warrant a first round pick
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Johnson is a great corner but he does have some character issues. Late in the season he and another player were tazered by police due to them getting physical with the police. This may accually hurt his stock.
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