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the 6 foot 8 giant out of lousiville

Who cares? How big are his hands?
let's just draft every guy over 6'4
Originally posted by DarthNiner:
He physically sounds a lot like Jeramy Stevens of the Seahawks (6'7", 250 lbs). He didn't last much in the league....

Yeah, is Chichester a rapey dirtbag, who is also lazy and immature? Because height and athleticism won't help you succeed in the league if everyone you speak with knows the best gift you could give the world is your absence from it (Jeramy Stevens is not a good person).
dude almost looks like a taller version of zeigler
i say we use a 7th on him if he is still there and if he doesnt pan out as a TE, we move him to WR and if that doesnt pan out at WR then we can stick in him STs to block FG kicks
LOL this guy is probably so slow and sluggish, he will probably take a day to make a cut during a route. only useful for blocking fgs and for rz offense when you tell him run to the corner stop and i'll throw you a lob
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Originally posted by lamontb:
let's just draft every guy over 6'4
Yep we're switching to basketball next season. That whole lockout thing never really got lifted.
Leonard Pope is 6-8 too and he's not great...size isnt still need talent.
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