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Aldon Smith vs. Blaine Gabbert argument 1 year later.

Great draft, even the first pick where I wanted Quinn! Hats off to Baalke and friends.
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Haha as much as I didnt want to draft Blaine Gabbert then and still wouldnt want him now if we got him for's very very early to judge him. Jacksonville has the worst WR's in the NFL (similar to what Alex had for years when he first started).

Having said that...I dont get why people here wanted him so bad...dude threw 16 TD's his last year in college...that's god awful.

Yeah he wasn't that good. Overhyped. But yes I agree it's too early to judge him. His WR's are terrible. Reminds me of Alex's first year.

I just don't like the way he doesn't try to step up into pressure and take a hit to make the throw. So glad we took Aldon Smith!

Aldon was the best pick and one of the best in the draft.

Except for JJ Watt and Nick Reed. Aldon has nothing on them. Miller has HOF potential and Aldon just 1 maybe 2 probowls in him, maybe.

Aldon doesnt have HOF potential? dude, did you watch this year?! This kid has the potential to be one of the greatest pash rushers ever. Is that not HOF potential?
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Gabbert had one of my favorite moments this year...

(after the play, take a listen)

Anyway, it's hard to judge Blaine after this year. He played alright in a few games, but it is far too early for him. IIRC both guys were considered to be "project" guys.
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