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AJ Green vs Patrick Peterson

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can we not be the warriors of NBA and collect top notch athletes at one position

Agreed, athleticism can not be taught. Everything else can.


Alex Smith is very athletic, way more athletic than Tom Brady or Joe Montana, but he is still 19-31 and among the worst QBs in the NFL. He hasn't learned leadership, instinct, timing, or the ability to anticipate.

well Jim seems to like him
give me one of the two and ill cream my pants.
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Take Peterson. After Peterson, Prince and Smith, there's a big dropoff.

There's depth at WR. Little and Young in the 2nd would be the route I'd go; however, I don't expect us to draft a WR too early. Green is a hell of a player though. He's probably the most gifted athlete in this draft, IMO.

Felt the same way about Vernon Davis. We had Eric Johnson at the time, but DAMN what a pick he has turned out to be.

If Green is there, you don't even blink. Make it happen.
i wish, I want crabtree should trade to AJ Green!.... then draft to Peterson at #7
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Peterson! but I like AJ Green, he reminds me off a better Brandon Lloyd.
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