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Von Miller or Patrick Petersen

Von Miller or Patrick Petersen

Originally posted by jacklegniner:
... Troy P. really helps them in coverage a lot as well...

He is their defense... Check the win/loss ratio from when he plays and doesn't play.

Both 3-4 defenses, whether its built from the back forward or from front to back have been successful. Both can be schemed around. Gotta go to where the need is the biggest, and my vote goes to the secondary. We can generate a rush but can't shut down a #1 receiver unless its Fitzgerald.
I agree that we've been "scheming" for years now and it hasn't worked out, but I also think pass rusher is more of a crap shoot than a gifted corner. Some of the best pass rushers in the league are lower round choices. Who's that guy with the Steelers who wasn't even drafted. But, it seems to me that high first round corners have a better chance of making a difference. I may be wrong on the numbers on that, but it just seems that way to me.

But, I'm not sold either way. I just think Peterson is such a solid choice, almost a "can't miss," where as you don't really know about Miller. If you've got a shut down corner, you can also do a lot more scheming. And, I think Vic Fangio is a better schemer than we've had. This all may be a moot point. They may surprise us and take a QB with that first pick.
I'd take either and be happy. If we land peterson. we'd use him like woodson at some point which is fine hopefully by then he's got the defense down.

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von miller kind of scares me he has to rely on speed rather than power which can cause him to be ineffective once the OT has a handle on him and also he is a liability in the run
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