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Trade Down Mock

I'm sure this semtiment is not popluar on this board, but unless Quinn, Miller or Peterson is there at 7 I would perfer to trade down (in other words I am just not that high on Prince Amukamara).
Anyway, I think I figured out a way to collect a ton of draft picks at positions in which there is value (much like the patriot do). These are the picks we would start the draft with currently: 7,45,76,107,114,138,169,185,199,200

1) The first trade goes as such: SF trades pick #7 --> HOU for picks #11 & 73
SF- Value: Pick 7=1500, SF Total:1500..........HOU- Vaule: Pick 11=1250, 73=225, HOU Total:1475
Explination: Houston had the worst D in the NFL and needs CBs badly, so they move up and get Amukamara to go across from Kareem Jackson

2) SF trades pick #11 --> SD for picks #18 & 61
SF- Value: Pick 11=1250, SF Total:1250..........SD- Vaule: Pick 18=900, 61=292, SD Total:1192
Explination: San Deigo's biggest needs are on the D-Line, with replacing Jacques Cesaire at DE across from Castilo. Apperantly, the Chargers are very high on JJ Watt who seems to be rising quickly. The Chargers, rathers than risk losing the prospect to the 49ers, are willing to lose a late 2nd rounder to ensure they don’t miss their prospect (just like they did last year with Ryan Mathews)

3) SF trades pick #18 & 169 --> CHI for picks #29 & 62
SF- Value: Pick 18=900, 169=24.8 SF Total:924.8..........CHI- Vaule: Pick 29=640, 62=284, CHI Total:924
Explination: Chicago gave up the most sacks last year and thier O-Line was atrocious. They jump ahead in the draft to pick up a quality LT (Tyson Smith or Anthony Castonzo, whom ever is still there). They need to protect their star QB.

4) Lastly, SF trades pick #29 --> DAL for picks #40, 109 & 2012 3rd Rounder
SF- Value: Pick 29=640 SF Total:640..........DAL- Vaule: Pick 40=500, 109=76, CHI Total:576, Plus the 2012 3rd Rounder
Explination: Dallas also had a weak O-line this year, yet really only need a RT to keep Tony Romo healthy. Dallas likes big, maulling O-Lineman and Benjamin Ijalana is just that man. He looked great at the senior bowl and would fit in perfectly with Bid D's system.

Now that we have completeted all the trade our picks look like this: 40,45,61,62,73,76,107,109,114,138,185,199,200 as well as a Dallas' 2012 3rd Rounder.

With these picks I suggest we perform the following selections:
40: Locker/Kaepernick (whoever we like better/Haubaugh can mold better), QB
45: Kendrick Burney, CB
61: Ras-I Dowling, CB
62: Marvin Austin, DE
73: Greg Little, WR
76: Sione Fua, NT
107: Owen Marecic, FB
109: Will Rackley, OG/OT
114: Thomas Keiser
138: Traded to TB for Josh Johnson
185: Aldrick Robinson, WR
199: Wes Byrum, K
200:Jason Teague, FS/CB

Josh Johnson Played under Harbaugh at San Diego State and has good accuracy and is Mobile (also adds competition for Alex Smith if he is resigned and lets us cut Carr).

QB: Johnson/Smith/Locker
RB: Gore/Dixon
FB: Marecic
WR: Crabtree/Morgan/Williams
WR: Little/Ginn/Robinson
TE: Davis/Walker
LT: Staley/Sims
LG: Iupati/Snyder
C: Heitmann/Baas
RG: Rackley/Rachal
RT: Davis/Boone

ROLB: Keiser/Haralson
RE: Smith/McDonald
NT: Fua/Jean-Francois
LE: Austin/Sopoaga
LOLB: Lawson/Brooks
MLB: Willis/McKillop
MLB: Spikes/Bowman
CB: Burney/Spencer
CB: Dwling/Brown

K: Byrum
P: Lee
KR: Ginn/Robinson

I think this lineup gives us a good opportunity to both win the division this year and get better in the future. It improves our D while both giving us more weapons on offense as well as giving us a QB for Harbaugh to mold for the future.
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Ok, that would be awesome but this isn't a madden draft. I will say that trades are becoming more popular and that it is possible to trade down twice but has anyone ever traded down 4 times? There is a limited amount of time and it's hard to find a trade partner. Right value, right spot, do you have connections to that team, etc. Teams with guys that worked together probably will be more likely to trade then guys that don't. Certain teams like to trade with certain teams and probably would know what they want better. It's tough to lock in on even value. Teams value there draft picks more and more... plus most trade back once and risk a certain player still being there. You start trading down a bunch of times it might be too risk and guys you wanted will probably be gone.

Last time I remember trading down twice we passed up Wilfork, went down a few and then ended up with Woods at the end of round 1. Got Shawntae Spencer out of the deal I believe.

P.S. It's Greg Little not Leonard. Your probably thinking of the Rams DE.
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Why do we need 12 draft picks? We don't even need the 10 we already have.
So after all that trading, we pass up the chance for an elite CB or pass rusher, our two biggest needs, at least one of which can easily be addressed at 7, to get what?

A QB we could have gotten at 45 anyway, two iffy CB prospects, one of whom (Burney) is pretty unlikely to be a second rounder and another (Dowling) who might be, and D-lineman who is more of a 4-3 DT from North Carolina? (We've been burned by that one already, remember Balmer?)

No thanks.

Plus, without a new CBA trading for Johnson is not a possibility.

Aside from the fact that there is zero chance of that much trading, I'd rather stick with the picks we have, get a top prospect at 7, and then address QB and either pass rusher/CB (whichever one we don't get in the first), with our current 2nd and 3rd round picks.

Quantity doesn't trump quality.
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Mock drafts are funny.
Good god . . . all those trades and all you do to bolster the pass rush is add Thomas freaking Keiser? The OLB corps needs way more help than one guy . . . who didn't even rate an invite to the combine.
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Originally posted by Chief:
Mock drafts are funny.
Four trades involving first round picks? Sorry, but wake up and smell reality.
Originally posted by SWAGG-ER:
Why do we need 12 draft picks? We don't even need the 10 we already have.

The last time we traded down a bunch of times, we scored Rashaun "Gone Fishin" Woods.
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We get a load of people into training camp then cut them.

We have a number of needs, but I think I would prefer these to be addressed, as far as possible, by early picks. They have a better hit rate.
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Wow. Someone has way too much free time on their hands. Also when are people going to accept the fact that the CBA will not get done until the last minute and there will be exactly zero trades/ FA acqusitions involving current players?
First - It was fun to read. Next, if it ever happend it would be talked about forever. Finally, It will not even be close but trading down a little could be very beneficial.

If Gabbart is available Vikings might be willing to trade ahead of Titans and give up their 1st,12th and second round picks.
wow...that's straight up terrible.

I can deal with trading down to mid teens and getting more value while picking up another 2nd or 3rd round pick but to moved down so much to still draft projects or players who aren't as good just doesn't make sense.
This mock was very well thought out. I think it's absurd that grown ass men feel the need to bash the opinion of a fellow 49er fan. Bellicheck makes a living moving around in the draft. I honestly don't want to trade down that many times but I'm grown enough to say that my opinion at this point is mere speculation.
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