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Ollie Ols Sports - Mock Draft II

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1) Carolina - DaQuan Bowers, DE - Clemson (Will make fans forget about Julius Peppers)
2) Denver - Von Miller, OLB - Texas A&M (John Fox just feels that this kid is the most sure thing in this draft)
3) Bills - Blaine Gabbert, QB - Mizzu (Buffalo just feels that he is the best passer and the most complete QB in the draft)
4) Bengals - AJ Green, WR - Georgia (With both Chad and TO probably gone, Carson gets a new toy)
5) Cardinals - Cam Newton, QB - Auburn (Wisenhunt and the rest of the team knows it needs a QB in order to compete)
6) Cleveland - Nick Fairley, DT - Auburn (The Big Show is surprised to see a young Warren Sapp still on the board)
7) San Francisco - Patrick Peterson, CB - LSU (Can't force to make another QB mistake, will have to wait til the 2nd round)
8) Tennessee - Marcell Dareus, DT - Alabama (New coaching staff wants to rebuild the front four)
9) Dallas - Cameron Jordan, DE - Cal (Jerry Jones just loves the idea of having another pass rusher opposite Ware)
10) Washington - Julio Jones, WR - Alabama (It's not a surprise, Shanny wants a big and bold WR that can hang in the NFC East)
11) Houston - Prince Amukamara, CB - Nebraska (Secondary finally lands a top notch CB its been seeking for years)
12) Minnesota - Nate Solder, OT - Colorado (It's rare to see the top OT lasting this long, but this is where Nate belongs)
13) Detroit - Aldon Smith, OLB - Mizzou (The Lions young D will finally roar and sends out notice to the rest of the NFC Central)
14) St Louis - Anthony Castonzo, OT - Boston College (Management must continue to protect its investment in Bradford)
15) Miami - Adrian Clayborn, DE - Iowa (His workout didn't impress anyone and that's the reason why he isn't in the top 10)
16) Jacksonville - Ryan Mallett, QB - Arkansas (Del Rio will allow him to sit for a year or two before he hands him the franchise)
17) New England - Robert Quinn, DE - NC (Bilichick loves to draft players with chip on their shoulder)
18) San Diego - Ryan Kerrigan, DE - Purdue (Just think of Billy Ray Smith's passion for the game and Seau's non stop motor)
19) NY Giants - Mark Ingram, Jr, RB - Alabama (Eli Manning finally gets a back who can carry the load consistently)
20) Tampa Bay - Akeem Ayers, OLB - UCLA (Coaching staff continues to build a dominating and very young defense)
21) Kansas City - Brandon Harris, CB - Miami (An already improved secondary just got even better and faster)
22) Indy - Gabe Carimi, OT - Wisconsin (More protection is needed if the team wants to see Peyton stay in his prime)
23) Philadelphia -JJ Watt, DE - Wisconsin (A pass rusher is the team needs and a pass rusher is Watt is)
24) New Orleans - Derek Sherrod, OT - Miss St (Poor plays of the OL lead to Brees' rushing plays after plays)
25) Seattle - Jimmy Smith, CB - Colorado (Seattle must reload on their defensive backfield in order to stay sharp in the West)
26) Baltimore - Titus Young, WR - Boise St (Derick Mason has lost a step, and Baltimore is in need of Deep Speed)
27) Atlanta - Corey Liuget, DT - Illinois (The Falcons' DL are young and thin, and this kid will sure bring in some needed bulk)
28) New England - Tyron Smith, OT - USC (The Jets sure exposed New England's weakness in the OL)
29) Chicago - Benjamin Ilajana, OG - Villanova (Mike Martz fixed their pass offense, now it's time to learn to pound the ball)
30) NY Jets - Deunta Williams, FS - NC (New York may habe the best CB tandem in the league, but their Safeties weren't scaring anyone)
31) Pittsburgh - Mike Pouncey, OG - Florida (Why not bring in the twin brother of last year's 1st round pick to solidify the OL)
32) Green Bay - Aaron Williams, CB - Texas (Let's face it, the Packers need to draft a CB now because Woodson can not play forever)
I cant imagine Denver would fork over 2nd overall money for another OLB other than Dumerville. Remember, the CBA will most likely not be passed before the draft, so Dumerville will still be a part of that team.
Well this is certainly a bold mock.

Idk why fairley would drop that far but ok.

Also, the rams already have 2 young OT's, why do they need a 3rd?
Deunta Williams in the first is bad. I wouldn't mind the Peterson pick for us though. In the end, I hope we end up with either Peterson or Quinn.
Placing Titus Young in the late 1st is bold. I guess you anticipate one helluva combine.
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.. and im positively sure that DeSean Jackson woulda been a top 15 pick if we can only had a re-draft of the year he came out..

Ozzie's known for drafting the best player available that he likes, and this kid from Boise State is a big time player..
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