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QB-Point Blank Who do you WANT on the 9ers next season

QB-Point Blank Who do you WANT on the 9ers next season

Karma, I concede your point about Warner. But for every Warner, there are a ton of others who have disappointed. I think the odds are against it.

The problem with drafting a QB and trading for a QB in the same year is that it deprives us of two draft choices that we really need. As we see, the game is a team sport. You can have a good QB but lose the game because of "holes" at other positions.
Brett Farve??? Or talk kurt warner out of retirement!!!
WR Larry Fitzgerald wants the cardinals to get Kolb and if not Kolb, bulger. I think Fitzgeral knows a little about football.

I would like Baalke and co to think outside the box for Kolb. Why not swap picks in rounds 1,2,and 3 and give up a third in 2012 that move up to a second if Kolb meets certain major milestones. IE the niners win the division, he goes to the pro bowl, etc.

This way the niners give up no draft picks in 2011, and potentially lose only a second or a 3rd in 2012.
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McNabb and draft someone. I think Kolb is iffy and the Eagles want way too much.
none of those, I want

Willie Beaman

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1. Kolb/Orton
2. Matt Moore/Trent Edwards
3. Ricky Stanzi
I'm not willing to sell the farm for Kolb. Give me the other Reid disciple that will only cost us cash and a rookie to develop. I have a hard time imagining McNabb being wost than what we have had over the last few years. I'm willing to bet McNabb feels he has something to prove and will be motivated. Let him take over for a year or two while we develop a second or 3rd round QB.
Originally posted by dtg_9er:
Not overwhelmed by the list! Would like to see them keep Smith and pick up Josh Johnson and a rookie in the third...Dalton?

THIS... and Ponder in the 2nd, or Dalton / Stanzi in the 3rd.
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1.Kyle orton 5th rounder for josh johnson 3. Draft Ponder in second or Delvin in 3rd.

Cut Carr
I would prefer Alex to any QB on the list.

Originally posted by Vonjohnson80:
Carson Palmer.
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Originally posted by Rubberneck36:
none of those, I want

Willie Beaman

I think he couldn't have done any worse than 6-10 the last season.
Originally posted by boast:
i'm still intrigued by Josh Johnson.

Me too! Would like us to get him & Dennis Dixon & draft a prospect that Harbaugh likes!
Out of that list I'd say Kolb. out of the draftable players I'd say 1a Ponder, 1b Dalton, 2.Stanzi, 3. Kaepernick( I like Colin, it's just that he is so raw.) The way I see it all of these draftable guys are probably 2 years away from starting, so we would need a solid vet for the short term.
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