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Tico's top 7 mock after John Fox hire in Denver

Alrighty now, Denver is going to deploy a 4-3 with maybe Jim Mora, Jr. as DC. Therefore, I expect Denver to go a different route all together than Peterson as most mocks project. Instead we have...

1. Carolina--AJ Green, WR
We know they will be going after a FA QB because who they have in the roster isn't cutting it. IMO, it will be Orton or even VY. If that is the case, they need someone to succeed Steve Smith. AJ Green becomes their #1 weapon offensively.

2. Denver--Nick Fairley, NT/DT
This is where things change. Now that they will be implementing the 4-3 in Denver, I see them grabbing Fairley here. He would be the center piece of that defensive front for years to come. His ability to shoot into the gap and explode underneath gives their defense the anchor it needs.

3. Buffalo--Blaine Gabbert, QB
I believe that Buffalo still needs a QB to develop into their franchise QB and Fitzpatrick is not it. Nice stop gap, but no the franchise QB they want. Instead, Gailey now has someone to develop while Ryan mans the offense for a couple of years.

4. Cincinnati--DaQuan Bowers, DE
Man, they wanted Green, but too rich to go get him. Instead they patiently wait for their next pass rushing demon. He will instantly improve their 4-3 and will be an impact starter from day one.

5. Arizona--Robert Quinn, DE/OLB
This was another hard one as they could take Peterson to pair along side Cromartie, but there pass rush is severely lacking and Porter isn't the answer. They go with the explosive Quinn who will be a burr in the NFC West side along Chris Long, damn it.

6. Cleveland--Macell Dareus, DE/DT
They need the versatile Dareus for their DL. He can play either in a 4-3 or 3-4, but always penetrating and disrupting the middle. Another team who contemplated drafting Peterson, but they have Haden as their #1 CB from last year. Lucky us!

7. San Francisco--Patrick Peterson, CB
Holy cow! He did drop! I know I know, but given the movement with Denver and the other teams already having #1 corners on their squads, Peterson fall right to us, a team with CB needs. He becomes our #1 corner while providing some help on ST as a returner allowing Ginn to focus on new WCO plays. A steal at this point!

Well there you have it. A way to get Peterson. That's all I wanted to do. At least, my dream of having him goes on.

Do you guys think this can happen with Denver? The other thing too that I see is someone jumping up to #5 or #6 to get him. That would piss me off!
No way Gabbert goes #3
major lolz at ted ginn concentrating on WR.
Originally posted by HireHarbaugh:
No way Gabbert goes #3

He might but he's overrated. I don't see the accuracy there. What do people like? His measurables?
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