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86th Annual East-West Shrine Game -- 4 PM EST January 22 on NFL Network

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Originally posted by vrabbit:
Originally posted by mayo49:
I think Devlin has thrown one pass.

I think it's gay that you put a after every post

You know what, it is kinda gay. I think I'm going to stop doing it. Thanks for the advice.
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Originally posted by WillistheWall:
Originally posted by canadian49erfan:
Devlin not looking too hot

He looks like a poor man Shaun Hill.

It goes without saying that this wasn’t the kind of practice Delaware quarterback Pat Devlin had in mind for his first showing of the week. He was spraying the football all over the place, didn’t seem nearly as comfortable in the pocket as he did during his time at Delaware and his overall accuracy suffered because of it. And the main culprit? Well, he was taking snaps from under center. Devlin took nearly all his snaps from the gun over the past two seasons and was rarely asked to read a defense and decipher information in his drop, quickly get away from under center before balancing his footing and striding into a throw. Today he looked fidgety and uncomfortable trying to maintain balance in his lower half while still attempting to get the ball out on time. Most media sources will likely end up killing the guy for his struggles in day one, but in my view it’s just part of the learning curve for a quarterback who is making the move from a college spread to more of a traditional NFL offense.
Is it me or does Taylor look so darn tiny... lol
Want to recreate the 2004 Niner team? Draft a bunch of the West players...

What a stinker of a game.
Originally posted by 49erThrowback:
Want to recreate the 2004 Niner team? Draft a bunch of the West players...

What a stinker of a game.

I think Ray Brown was on one of the coaching staffs.
from what I saw of this snooze fest, my favorite player was Delone Carter, i wouldnt mind him with one of our extra 4ths.

And then Chris Carter from Fresno, and of course I love Moch still.

Devlin wasnt 100% great, but i think he will stillbe an early rd pick.
What did everyone think of Shiloh Keo??
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