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Which QBs will fit a Harbaugh team?

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If Harbaugh becomes HC and if it is at all possible to trade up to number one to draft LUCK, he must do it. There is no way I would take a chance on not drafting LUCK if I was Harbaugh especially when we are close to him (within 6 six spots). Harbaugh is about to embark on a journey to return this franchise back to glory. LUCK has the skills and caliber to make that happen. No other QB has that prospect, not even in free agency. Why would you not pull the trigger???

Because it's giving up a lot and we're not just a QB away from winning a superbowl.

Your right, but we are a QB away from winning the division.

Long term goals my friend, I'd rather trade back and take a QB not named Luck in the 1st and pick up a couple of picks and fill more needs so we're a more complete team.

I totally agree with this, IF we get Harbaugh. I think Luck's success is more Harbaugh then Luck (just my gut), and I would have faith in Harbaugh being able to duplicate this process with another QB. We could trade back to the late first round and pick up another 2nd round pick, or trade all the way out of the first round and get a 2nd round pick and a 1st next year. We could still get a good QB prospect in the 2nd/3rd round, and address CB/OLB.

when luck rolled right under a heavy virginia tech pass rush and placed the ball downfield right into the cardinal players hands, did your gut tell you that was harbaugh?---your gut is underselling luck--harbaugh deserves credit for developing luck, but the talent is there to work with
posted this in Newton thread, but relevant here too

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Huge projection. Wouldn't be my first choice. @bdownSM debating with friends on whether Cam Newton could transition to WCO w/ harbaugh.
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Anyone have an opinion on T.J. Yates out of North Carolina?

6'4 220

I have seen a few games, including LSU and Tennessee. He isnt the most mobile qb out there, but has great pocket pressence, and is a leader.

Yeah Im a fan of TJY.
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@ Gabbert, which is why I am projecting him to #SF in mock @bdownSM who would be first choice for WCO QB?
As much as I don't like Locker, I could see Harbaugh being able to develop his skills into a top-flight WCO QB. Gabbert would be my first choice since (IMO) he might be able to transition quicker, but Newton and Locker are viable options in the top-ten.

Colin Kaepernick is also intriguing given his athleticism, strong arm and high character. Colin is the kind of kid that you could build an offense around over time, and is the kind of person Harbaugh will fall in love with after meeting/talking to him.
Tyrod Taylor in the mid-rounds as a development/backup QB might also be an option.
accuracy is most important, athletic ability and instincts are very important, leadership, physical build and strength to get it down field and see over linemen is very important. Luck isnt coming out and we probably couldnt get at him anyway so i hope Cam Newton is our guy. he makes stuff happen, has all the physical ability and instincts, does even better with pressure in his face, is 2nd to only Luck in accuracy and is probably the most mobile qb to come out of college in a while and still have dead on passing accuracy. the things harbaugh could do with a qb like Cam are limitless. i really hope hes the guy we end up with after the draft.

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What about Andy Dalton from TCU? I thought his arm was stronger than Moore and he is pretty mobile as well.

anyone except alex smith
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