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I've been following CFB a lot more closer this season than any other season as well as the NFL so I felt like giving this a shot, keeping in mind it's still early, draft order isn't can still change, and some guys may or may not declare early.

FWIW I'm rolling with what the draft order would be if the draft were to happen today. Here it goes:

1. Carolina - Andrew Luck: For those of us hoping we trade up for the guy, I'm not including trades in this mock so let's leave that to the side. Luck is the consensus top prospect in the class, a can't-miss/franchise QB and the Panthers take him.

2. Detroit - Patrick Peterson: IMO their top 3 needs are OL, DL, and CB and if I were their GM OL would be my top priority but there aren't any top-5 OL in this class IMO. AS of today I consider PP7 just slightly a better choice at CB than Prince, a true shutdown CB with killer return skills.

3. Cincinnati - Nick Fairley: even if 85 and 81 leave the WR class is deep enough where the Bengals can address that position in the following rounds. They need help on defense right away and Fairley is a monster (dirty or not). It's a dream pick for them as far as I'm concerned.

4. Buffalo - Da'Quan Bowers: unless they get a shot at luck they're not picking a QB round 1 with Mr. Harvard playing well, so instead they upgrade the DE position with a kid that has been destructive all season long.

5. Arizona - Ryan Mallett: and I hate to even type it, but it makes too much sense for them not to go this route. Mallett could definitely turn into a bust so we can only hope, but there's also the chance he becomes a very good QB with his skill set, and Arizona desperately needs fresh blood at that position. Let us pray.

6. Denver - Marcell Dareus: and this is assuming they bring back Champ, their D-line play is pathetic and Dareus is a stud who IMO can work as a 4-3 DT or 3-4 DE or even 3-4 NT with the right coaching.

7. San Francisco - Prince Amukamara: and honestly by the time the draft comes they way things are looking he may be the #1 CB prospect out there, but for now he falls to us, and boy are we lucky, or at least I hope we are. Excellent skill set and performance from the games I've watched him in, would love to add the guy to our team and make him at least our #2 CB.

*** backup pick at #7: AJ Green - I can't believe I don't have him going in my top-7

would love some feedback, looking forward to doing a longer mock after the bowl games

Bowers is the question mark from 1-7. I think that Detroit may actually go for Bowers and pair him next to Suh. That would be amazing for them and they can get a very good corner still at the very top of the second.

If they don't pick him, then the Bengals will more so than Fairley because of their need for a pass rusher. I can also see them considering Green.

I see Buffalo reaching for Mallett or they go with Fairly or Dareus.

I think Denver will go with Fairley, Peterson or Amukamara.

It is crazy that a talent like Green could possibly drop out of the top five let alone top three.

I agree with you on some points. Looking at it now I do think DE makes more sense for Cindy than DT. And even though I think most of us agree that Bowers and Suh next to each other would be killer, I think you're not taking into consideration HOW BAD their secondary is. They could go CB in the first 2 rounds and it wouldn't be too crazy. Imo as of today there's no doubt in my mind they're targetting a CB with that 1st pick.

And also note I said Denver hangs on to Champ in this scenario, but if not then I agree they will pick CB as well.

Here's the thing, besides Cincy, what team would pick AJG? Is WR as much of a need as DL for them? Like I said the WR class is deep enough where they can still get a pretty good WR (Floyd?) in round 2 but they won't be any stud DL like Bowers/Fairley at that point.