So, there are a few people who will be competing for roster spots come training camp, here are the vets I see as possibly being on the hook.

Cody Wallace, C - Baas was supposed to be a very good center, and he can backup Heitmann if needed. We have to make room for 2, and possibly 3 OL if Boone makes the roster, so someone's gotta go.

Adam Snyder, OL - I think Snyder would be the first guy to go if Boone makes the team.

Matt Wilhelm, ILB - I believe Bowman will replace Wilhelm at the ILB spot.

Michael Robinson, RB - I have a really hard time putting Robinson up here due to him being well-liked in the locker room, being a ST captain, and a good ST player. However, if the niners get infatuated with both Blount and Dixon, Robinson may be competing for a job.

Brandon Jones, WR - Isaac Bruce leaves 1 WR spot open for Ted Ginn Jr., however, I believe one of the receivers we picked, hopefully Scott Long, will compete for a spot. Generally organizations look to save money, and Jones is being paid quite a bit this upcoming year, so he seems like a likely target.

What do you guys think? Who else could be competing for their job later this year?