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What do you think of the trades?

The Butler did it: Chargers snag linebacker

49ers receive:
» Third-round pick (No. 91):
Navorro Bowman
» Sixth-round pick (No. 173):
Anthony Dixon
» 2011 fourth-round pick

Chargers receive:
» Third-round pick (No. 79):
Donald Butler

Analysis: The Chargers identified their guys, perhaps more than any team in this draft, and went after them with gusto. After a costly trade with Miami in Round 1 to pick RB Ryan Mathews, San Diego gave away two more picks to move up 12 spots here for ILB Donald Butler, who gives the Chargers flexibility

This was a great move. It seems they always had their eye on Bowman and where able to still get him while acquiring Anthony Dixon AND a 2011 4th rounder, are you kidding me?

49ers, Broncos swap first-round picks

Broncos receive:
» First-round pick (No. 13):
Traded to Eagles
» Fourth-round pick (No. 113):
Traded to Patriots

49ers receive:
» First-round pick (No. 11):
Anthony Davis

Analysis: The 49ers get a rugged, run blocking tackle in Rutgers' Anthony Davis. It's kind of questionable why they felt they had to move up to get him because he could have been there at 13. Regardless, San Francisco found the type of physical player coach Mike Singletary wants to take the ground game to another level. For Denver, this is a sweet deal because they can move back -- which they did again at pick No. 13 -- and still get a player that they’ve targeted. -- Steve Wyche

Great draft teams go get their guys in the first, period. Who cares what anyone else thinks. That is exactly what Singletary and Baalke did. It cost them a fourth. Who cares? They got it back next year, now. That how you do it, always recovering assets used in trades. The great ones did it. And we saw a flash of it Thursday which is re-assuring.

Ginn's new start comes with 49ers

Dolphins receive:
» Fifth-round pick (No. 145):
Nolan Carroll

49ers receive:
» Wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr.

Analysis: A bust with the Dolphins after being the No. 9 overall pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, Ginn gets a fresh start in San Francisco, where coach Mike Singletary was happy to have the receiver on his roster, saying, "He's a bundle of potential, and his upside is off the charts. This guy can fly."

A fifth for Ginn? Nough said! What value! He comes in and contributes instantly at ST as our new PR and KR. But, he can also play Split-end to stretch the D over the top. Now he also has some company at ST with Mays, Bowman, Dixon, LeBlount, and Vann. That is some speed and punishing power, exactly what Shotty needs.

I love these trades! What about you?
I love all three of them. I would hate to be around here had Dallas and Green Bay have traded ahead of us.

Pof! 2nd grade tackle.
I liked the trades and they were done with a plan. Bravo!
I love all of them, including giving up a 4th to get A. Davis. There were so many rumors even before the draft about someone trading up to the 12th spot, so I'm glad the niners didn't take any chances.
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