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Will a 49er player get TRADED during the 3 day draft?

Originally posted by OD9er:
I rather we have him play out the final season of his contract and see if he's worth another year than try to trade a 3rd or 4th round pick and see if they'll make the team! Anybody remember Bear Pascoe!, and while we're talking trade why not trade Kentwan Balmer(oh thats right nobody wants him except us)

Balmer might well be playing a lot on another team.
Draft Iupati, trade Baas. Move up in second round.
49ers source says of OLB Manny Lawson, who enters final year of deal, "He'll be here." RT @huli8319ers Lawson ... maybe best to part ways?

for what it's worth, this is from maiocco's twitter
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If the 49ers allow Lawson to hit the maket after this season, what is the highest compensatory pick they could get out of him? He will get paid like all free agents do, but will it be enough to give the 49ers a 4th round comp. pick? They might consider trading Lawson to start Brooks as well as to make room to draft a rookie in the earlier rounds. Without trading Lawson, the 49ers will have four players that are locks at the position and would be forced to carry a fifth outside linebacker if they want to keep a rookie or Diyral Briggs.

Unfortunately I believe Manny will be used to trade up in the draft or be traded for a pick. I hope the team gets Kindle or Graham with one of their firsts if they are planning on trading Manny.
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