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Robert Johnson, Safety (Utah)

I'm not sure if this guy has been talked about at all, but I just came across this article that shows the type of character guy he really is..

He's projected for the third or fourth round, and will presumably be picked up by the Packers.. Not sure if we would go after him, but he seems like a stand up guy.. Plus, he is from California..

Enjoy the read:
He would fit great with Goldson in the secondary.
Originally posted by tohara3:
He would fit great with Goldson in the secondary.

I think he'd be a fine fit here. If Reshad Jones is no longer available, Johnson would be a terrific pick. The discrepancy between the two isn't much, but Jones is a much heavier hitter and a fantastic wrap-up tackler.

That's not to say that Johnson is a bad tackler -- he's good as well, but not quite on Jones' level. Johnson can also hit pretty well too, but again, not quite to Jones' level.

Jones' also possesses a higher ceiling, more upside. Those things, of course, could have him selected well before our 3rd if a team really wants to make that jump.
Very solid player, but more of a FS, so would require a position change by Goldson (to SS) in order to fit Johnson in. Does the club really want to move a promising player to another position to fit in a rookie? Unlikely, except for a Round 1 talent like Crabtree.

Bottom line: fine player, but maybe not the best fit for the Niners' roster.
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