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Worst-Case Draft Scenario for the 49ers

Originally posted by MiamiNiner:
Originally posted by krizay:
The worst draft scenario would be for us to take Haden and Spiller at #13 and #17. Which ironically is alot fot eh posters ideal 1st round. to me though they respresent 2 of the most overrated palyres in this draft.

Spiller could be Adrian Petersen with return skills

AD ran with a unique Fysicality since he was a freshman at Oklahoma. i've NEVER seen cj run like that. and i'm a cj fan.
I wouldnt be suprised to see them trade back if the top 4 tackles are taken already. Maiocco's analysis seems very likely in that if the top 5 OTs are taken, then will either trade up to make sure that doesn't happen or trade back to get in the 20's and get one of the second round of OTs.

I think draft day is going to be very interesting, as I expect to see lots of trades and interesting picks in the first round...
This scenario is very possible and I presume that's why the 49ers have stated "interest" in Clausen. Other teams might be tempted to trade up and snag him before the 49ers pick or trade for the #13. The 49ers might have a nice little bidding war for #13.
I posted an almost identical thread a few weeks ago and caught a lot of s**t. You can check it out here.

After the McNabb/Marshall trades, I think Clausen may fall out of the top twelve and Bryant may move in, but who knows. We still are left with reaches at both 13 and 17. Maybe the best we can hope for is Iupati and Brown. One of them might work out, either at G or OT. I'm afraid a second round OT would just be another Snyder.

By the way, I don't think there's any way we take Clausen. I believe the Niners are all in with Alex and wouldn't want to pay first round money to a QB who would be the fourth on their roster, or expose one to the practice squad.

Oh, and all Spiller did in college was produce touchdowns, which is why, if he falls to us like Crabtree did, we will take him in an instant. BPA, at a skill position.
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