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Offensive Tackles have the lowest 'bust' percentage

Anyone else seen this article from WalterFootball? Based on the numbers, OTs are the safest bet at the top of the draft. The only true busts in the past 20 years at OT (top 15 picks) were Mike Williams and Kenyatta Walker -- even Robert Gallery, categorized as a 'bust' by WalterFootball, is turning into a pretty damn good guard.

Quarterback Hit Rate: 48.2%
Defensive Tackle Hit Rate: 46.9%
Offensive Tackle Hit Rate: 69.2%

Quarterback Bust Rate: 44.4%
Defensive Tackle Bust Rate: 46.9%
Offensive Tackle Bust Rate: 19.2%
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However Kwame wasn't a tackle, he was a:

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This image brings back painful painful memories...
thats what she said
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