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mayock says if clausen is at 17, we take him

what the hell are we gonna do with another QB?

I have a better idea, Its called upgrade the OFFENSIVE LINE!

No to Clausen.
don't listen to him Trent
Are we ever going to fix the O-line...or just draft QBs and hope they can run for their life and take sacks?

Drafting Clausen is putting a band aid on a gunshot wound. Our O-line has been the biggest problem since 2005. So great idea...draft Clausen and I'm sure our o-line will let some no name D line man like Rocky Bernard run up the middle and destroy his career as well. Then rinse and repeat cycle...

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he just brought that up on path to the draft. Charlie weiss I think old redskins coach,GM? he shot him down said no, I would give alex a shot and he like iupati.... he said build the team and give alex his shot.

Even if Clausen was drafted, Smith would still get his shot.

yeah but we would still have no oline..... thats a shot? better than previous years w/ same offense, but damn we barely ever gave him any time. it would turn out way better to build an overall better team, maybe a cb, and oline. that imo fills way more pressing needs. If alex sucks this year then go get a qb. Im a smith homer but if he gets a line and still sucks, good riddens

So your saying we should draft O-line with the first two picks, Correct?? Because even if we drafted Clausen at #17, I would have to assume the club went with an OT with the 13th pick. And we could always pick up good talent or value in the 2nd.
Larry Allen, probably the best O-line to ever play the game was drafted in the 2nd round. Tell me this wouldn't work:

13. Trent Williams ----- Anthony Davis ------ Bryan Bulaga

17. Jimmy Clausen

49. Vladimir Duccasse

And who's to say Iupati wouldn't be there at the top of the 2nd, and if he isn't there's always John Jerry who's much more versatile.

thats a possibility, but I really like db and ot. that would fill the biggest needs imo. give pass rush more time on d, and a little protection. but really davis would lose his job, or send carr packin. I love davis he has a bigger arm than clausen, and all our qbs. last year he threw further than anyone in the draft over 70 yards. he showed me accuracy in last preseason. I just hate payin a first round qb that much to sit. Waste of money. I like Iupati a lot. all those tackles you have poss. in first Ill take any of em

Well it just so happens that your two biggest needs at the DB and OT position are deep in this years draft. There will be DB value going all the way back to the 4th round, remember we drafted Dashon Goldson in the 4th who now starts. Shoot we even have or had two starters we drafted in the 2nd and 3rd rounds on our O-line last year in Chilo Rachal and Adam Snyder. And as for Nate Davis, I'm in NO WAY sold on him, hes easily replaceable same goes for Carr who I care less for.

you make some good points Kolohe. If it went down like you've laid out, and we're getting great OL value with the picks on either side of that 17th pick, I would be less upset with picking clausen.

but obviously there are two potential problems with the pick:

Alex Smith has a great year and then we're forced to make a decision on keeping him.

Alex Smith has a s**tty year but the rest of the team shows that its good enough to win now, and then we're stuck with a 2nd year QB or David Carr trying to lead us to the promised land...

Obviously both scenarios assume and project a lot, and are full of homerism, I just wonder if having another 1st round QB will make us sacrifice certain short run gains for long term gains that we might not even be able to cash in on...
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I'd be surprised if he makes it to 17, and if he does, even more surprised if we don't take him.

Hopefully, he's gone by 13 so we don't have to worry about it.
Clausen will not be a popular pick if picked by the Niners.
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Clausen will not be a popular pick if picked by the Niners.

Even less so when we cut him 3 years later.
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