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My dream picks (first three picks only)

My dream picks (first three picks only)

I was looking at a lot of different things as far as the draft and i realized how many different players the 49ers could take. so i thought i would show you all what my "dream draft" would be....for the first three rounds at least.

1A. Joe Haden CB Florida...he would help our aging secondary immensely....he could come in and start across from Clements day one in my opinion....i think he will be the BPA by the time this pick comes around and we cant afford to pass on him.

1B. Anthony Davis OT Rutgers......people are saying he isn't motivated enough...but if anyone can motivate him it will be Sing...if he plays to his potential he would be a STEAL here...i would also like Trent Williams or Brian not sure if they will be there still though....any ideas which of those three would be available if any of them? and if none are going to be there what Tackles would be worth the pick?

2. Jahavid Best HB Cal...i would love to get this guy to be our "change of pace" back...the "home run threat" that we have been missing...he would also help our return game and be a great guy to dump it off to and let him try and take it the distance

I would also like to get spiller but not at the cost of passing on an OT or Haden...if Haden or all of the top OTs are gone then i want the 49ers to take spiller and then someone else instead of Best in the 2nd....i also would want the 49ers to draft another guy later in the draft that can return kicks and punts because we need depth at that spot

So?...what do you guys think of it? Please comment and tell me what you think and what you would change about it.
if haden is not there at 13

id like

1a CJ Spiller
1b Anthony Davis
2 Reshad Jones
3 jordan shipley
Would be a sweet draft. Not exactly on the Haden bandwagon but i would be happy with this for sure.
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