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Nick's 4/2 Top 17 Mock

No Bryant for me either, too many red flags. I would go Thomas,Graham, Williams, Brown or trade back if possible get one of these players later and another 2nd or 3rd.
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Love it!!

It would be real lucky if Bryant slid to 17 though. But we have to have a gamechanger on offense. Bryant certainly would be that. Also, that way, once Davis takes over at QB we would actually have an offense that would scare opponents!

One thing I pray we don't do, is select offensive linemen with BOTH of our first round picks. The Niner's wouldn't be that dumb would they?

why would selecting OL with both of our first picks be dumb i think it would be smart

getting trent williams/bulaga/anthiny davis and iupati with our first round would be amazing

Just my thinking, of course, but:

1. I understand that right now people are fixated on OL. It's easy to overdo it. The team has three areas of critical need to get to the next level. OL, DB and a gamechanger with SPEED. All three need to be addressed.

2. It's much easier to find a solid OL in the later rounds (2nd/3rd) than an electric skill position player. Especially a Guard.

3. Every year come draft time fans forget about all the players currently on the roster. For example, when Rachal was drafted he was a "can't miss" mauler. He hasn't worked out so great but he is being developed. How far along is he? Iupati is getting a lot of hype, but his hype reminds me a lot about what they were sayig about Rachal. What makes anyone think his story will be any different? Give the high picks (and the others) on the roster a chance, while we shore up other areas.

4. Look at the Niners draft history when they have two first round picks (or two early round picks). One on offense; one on defense. It's the right way to go. Build all around strength. The organization hasn't done so well with the picks, but the methodology cannot be faulted.

Conclusion: I'd be SHOCKED if they picked two offensive linemen with both first round picks.

i see what you mean but the rachal and iupati thing is kind of off rachal was considered really raw coming from college he was going to come out the year after but desperatly needed the money for his mother or something iupati is considered pro ready

i would be happy getting 2 OL but my dream draft is

13 RT (bulaga or trent williams)
17 earl thomas
49 dexter mccluster
3rd round : john jerry

that way all our needs are met

Yes, you're right, Iupati is getting superior press that Rachal was coming out of college. Rachal did come out of a better program though and he had a reputation for "pancaking" defenders. He was raw, but he's had two years in the pros. If he has it in him, he'll be good this year. We'll see.

I wouldn't object to your preferred picks. Not at all! great coverage of our needs!
Davis...yes. Even if Bryant falls that far (doubtful, don't believe all the talk you hear about him falling far), Crabtree's our no. 1 receiver, I don't see Singletary taking another WR with a 1st rounder two years in a row. I can see him taking Iupati or Pouncey, really beef up his OL...or Haden, if he's there. At this point, both OL and CB are more critical and needy positions...that's where I believe they'll go.
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