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6-7 WR runs a sub 4.0 in the 40!!!


Al Davis just creamed himself
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AFD ------

WTF ---- I hate the RAMs !

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3.9 shouldn't he be in the Olympics if he's that fast
April fools? Damn I'm gonna hate today, questioning everything all day.

how can I get rid of this cowboys thing? It makes me want to hurl.

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Originally posted by JDog:
AFD ------

WTF ---- I hate the RAMs !

whatever we see your true colors now
ha ha OP got fooled

oh wait
If only i had the right shoes......

ugh! I hate the cowboys!

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i think this is another joke

this tag makes me ill

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I believed it for a minute.
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It would have been better if they had said 4.20, and said it was CJ Spiller instead. Then it would have been semi-believable. 3.9? I didn't even need to click the link to know it was a joke.
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