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Possible Trade-up Scenario

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Originally posted by nickbradley:
Originally posted by KRS-1:
Originally posted by nickbradley:
It seems more and more likely that the top 4 tackles (Okung/Bugala/Williams/Campbell) will be gone in the Top 10. In addition, I've heard some people postulate that Buffalo wants to trade down. So, how about this scenario:

trade the #17 and our 3rd rounder for Buffalo's #9. It's an even deal according to the traft value chart. We can draft Williams at #9 and at #13, we can still have a crack at Spiller, Haden, or McClain.


17 + our 3rd is enough to get us to 13.
13 + our 3rd would get us up to 9.

Will the 49ers value Williams as a top 10 pick is the question ? Scot already said he won't reach.

The chart is inaccurate. Look at the trade calculator:

How is that more reliable ? How do you know NFL teams rely on it ?

Mike Sando references the chart here when discusssing the Seahawks trade with his blog yesterday. I have yet to see anything that says this armchair GM David Dodd's calculator has any relevance whatsoever however albeit the value chart is now older and possibly has been modified by some teams it still is what seems most relevant.
I wouldn't mind trading a pick from next years draft possibly but not this years draft.
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