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McClueless's Mock

13.Tim Tebow
17. Toby Gerhardt
2nd. traded for justin fargas wtf?
3rd. traded for john engleberger
4th. traded for richie incognitio
5th. traded for robert gallery
6th traded for david carr
7th traded for praag maathe

super bowl?
Thanks for the insightful post.
Whatever man
i gotta admit this was pretty damn funny
Looks like MadDog and OnTheClock have some serious competition.
Wow, um.....just wow.....

I'm guessing somebody has the case of the Mondays
What do you expect from a hater?
you must be reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal bored... TeamByTheBay is that you?
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nice job haha
You're really funny. The quality of your posts are excellent.
yea. he would totally do that. I wonder what you were thinking when he drafted Staley, Willis, Davis, Gore, Crabtree and brought in justin smith and takeo spikes. Now this year your thinking that he is going to mess THIS draft up?

Last time we got our hands on two first rounders........ nuff said

Originally posted by susweel:
nice job haha
Originally posted by kronik:
What do you expect from a hater?

No hate just truth....look at the examples.......Kentawn over kenny phillips or desean?
Chilo over ray rice or desean again? what about alex over aaron? no hate just truth....
im here to crack those red and gold colored glasses all of you round here seem to be about winning superbowls not squeaking into the playoffs with an 8-8 or 9-7 record cuz our division sucks............
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