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My Disgusting Dream... :( about the Seahawks Draft

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That could very easily happen. And it's one reason why I hope we don't pass on Spiller at #13. Because Seattle could very well take him at #14 and he will burn us for years to come. We have no control over pick #6.

You should never play defense when drafting.

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I hope they don't draft an OT and draft Spiller; their O-Line sucks and Spiller would get destroyed, not to mention their QB.

They have one of the most reputable OL coaches in the NFL in Alex Gibbs and they will upgrade their line this offseason.

I have no problem playing the chess game with them. If they take an OT at #6 obviously they have no need for another one. If we took an OT at #13 it leaves the door open for them to take Spiller. Knowing that an OT would be safe after #13 to #17 you pull the trigger on the luxury pick (which cock blocks them) and go after the OT at 17.

Seattle, NYG or Tennessee could all trade down with someone looking to move UP especially if we let an OT by us (Pittsburgh, GB, Dallas, Arizona and Indy are all teams that could be looking to get an OT) and we could miss out on said OT at 17 because we were to busy playing chess. You pick the highest rated player on the board and not worry about Seattle.

Seattle may just look to trade down as they have no 3rd and could certainly stand to pick up an extra 2nd or 3rd to help fill some of the glaring holes they have.

Ok look at it this way. Spiller = Greater than any OT at #13. He's the #1 RB/KR/PR/Gamebreaker in the draft. The top 4 OT's will likely be gone by #13. So you are getting #5 on down. You are getting a second tier OT who is overdrafted and should be a 2nd rounder. A reach for need rather than the highest rated RB in the draft. And the best gamebreaker in the draft.

Spiller is solid...and he is the best gamebreaker in the draft...but this is one of the weakest RB/WR drafts in quite some time.
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If the Niners re-sign Pashos, then OG becomes the number 1 priority. Spiller (or whoever falls) at #13 and Iupati (pronounced Oo-pati) at #17.

haha, you can't be serious. Pashos is a good backup, but he is not the answer in the long term. We need a RT we can depend on, and that tackle is Trent Williams. unfortunatly, i think Trent's performance at the combine pushed him up above the 13th pick. This means we will have to settle for Anthony Davis who actually has better physical skills, size and potential. I think we go
1a) Anthony Davis
1b) Brandon Graham
2) Brandon Ghee
3) Ciron Black
4) Myron Rolle

It would easier to improve the RT spot than OG. A 2nd round pick would be an upgrade. Add Iupati at #17 with BPA at #13 and you get three instant starters in the first two rounds. Look for secondary help or pass rush in rounds 3 and 4, and TE, FB, returner on later rounds.
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So who did we pick at 13?

Probably Taylor Mays!

It is his disgusting dream....
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