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If Dez Bryant falls to 13

If Dez Bryant falls to 13

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Okay, I'm going to shock a lot of people because I've be a very loud supporter of building at the LOS.

However, if you have a ridiculously talented player who's falling and your research says he'll be a great player, you take him. Just sayin. I know we need OL, but talent wins out.

Ideally we have a trade partner, but this is exactly how we wound up with Rashuan Woods. I just want the team to make reasoned picks.

Co f**king sign. We need to do something about our line but if Dez is bpa, pick him asap

yeah we can address O-line at 17 or 2nd rd or trade back into the first...
I just can't believe there is any sentiment for this. OL, period. If all 4 top OLs are gone, well, then maybe. I thot they would be adios by pick #9, but mcShay and kiper have only 1 OT gone by #10, and they don't even agree on Okung or Williams. If we have a shot at one of the top 4, say baluga, and don't take it, that is stupidity(okay, imo only). We will not return to our glory days without drafting top tier OLs. Noln tried it, Clown tried it, but the only decent OL is rd one, and a steal there. Maybe not all pro, but a dang site better than any other OL we have.

Just fix the OL and then get on with the rest of the team. Honestly, what good does Bryant do if our Qb is on his back? It is a really hard place to throw from,especially if the MLB has his cleat marks on our qbs helmet.
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Sounds like he's good in games, but he was out of shape and performed poorly at his pro day.

Get a OL, CB, or FS at 13!
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