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All four top OTs gone by #10, which OL then?

All four top OTs gone by #10, which OL then?

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If all four do go, I then think it will Iupati at #17 rather than Campbell or Brown. Then they would grab that RT in the second (Saffold) or third (Veldheer, Calloway). Still, I am really hoping T. Williams makes it to #13 as he seems to be even better than anticipated especially at our primary area of need: Right Tackle!

C'mon baby, daddy needs a new right tackle...

Roll them dice!

Shake'em up, shake'em up

Damn it! Snake eyes!!!

Wouldn't you know it. Out of all the years to land an OT, we have to do it when there are six teams ahead of us who want one of the four top tackles. This is the way I see it happening as of today:

StL--Bradford-Consensus #1 after Bulger bye, bye
Det--Suh-Worth too much in comparison to Okung
TB--McCoy-Takes DT who drops
Wash--Okung--Another almost guaranteed placement after McNabb trade
KC--Williams--Worth more than a Safety, move Albert over to OG
Sea--Bulaga-They have to take an OT as one won't be available at #14
Cle--Berry--It will be he or Clausen. BPA in area of immediate need.
Oak--Davis--They take the last tackle who will BPA
Buf--Clausen--He drops onto their laps and no more OTs
Jax--Haden--Florida product stays and takes care of need and BPA
Den--Bryant--I believe Marshall will be gone and he takes his place, returns on ST
Mia--Williams--It will be he or McClain, but Williams value is much higher

SF So what now? In this scenario the obvious choice is the last top 10 pick in Spiller. It has to be. Who else? D. Morgan? R. McClain, E. Thomas? B. Graham? S. Kindle? It has to be Spiller.

Sea--Morgan--New elephant for Carroll's D and BPA
NYG--McClain--They thank lucky stars, starter from day one
Ten--JPP--Best option at DE for their beleaguered pass rush

SF What now deja vu? No OT value here so who? Iupati at RT or draft non-OL in E. Thomas or B. Graham? Graham VS Brooks. We just signed Brooks. If we land Pitts, then bye Iupati.

Even without Pitts, I honestly think it is now E. Thomas in this scenario. Why? BPA and need. Man, we were burned so many times over the top and he can play the nickle as a CB, double the value! Thomas' range certainly fits our need for that center-fielder. E. Thomas becomes our new FS moving Goldson to SS leaving M. Lewis and R. Smith as their respective backups for great depth, finally.

Given we have a great OL coaching tandem in Solari and Brown who have expertise in developing young talent, I can see us drafting our next ROT in the second or even third. What Tico? You crazy. I believe that anyone of these can make it as our ROT: Saffold, Ducasse, Veldheer, Fox, Jerry, etc. only because of our new coaching staff. Forcing Iupati to RT is the last thing we need in the OL.

Still, I hate the fact that we are not going to land one of the top four tackles. The only way and I mean only way we get one is if one of the six OT needy teams choose someone other than an OT:

Wash--Okung--One down!
KC--Berry! He's our chance there!
Sea--Bulaga--Perfect for zone, two down!
Oak--Campbell or JPP or T. Williams, Three down!
Buf--Clausen! He's our chance there!

In other words KC, Oak, and Buf must choose someone other than an OT for us to land either Williams or Davis, IMO because Seattle will employ a zone scheme which Bulaga happened to play at Iowa whose OL program is more Pro ready than most. Just makes sense.

Still, let the chips fall where they may...

Daddy still needs that right tackle, baby!!!

Nice analysis of the problem that confronts the Niners in the upcoming draft. If one of those top four OTs doesn't fall to #13, then what?

I think you're correct, and we're gonna have to look for one of the second tier OTs later in the draft.

What's the second most important need? Returner? OLB? CB? Spiller? Kindle? Haden?

Should be very interesting to watch.
Rather than roll the dice with our second, why not use a second on Gaither?
Originally posted by Oakland-Niner:
Rather than roll the dice with our second, why not use a second on Gaither?

Great minds...

Wouldn't that be perfect though? Gaither already seasoned and successful as an OT for a second? I am wondering we don't hear more about this option for us.
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