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The perfect Fullback for our West Coast Offense

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Hey! Don't make fun of my brother!
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Jimmy Rae's entire system is and has been the West Coast Offense for the last 20 years. Offensives CoOrdinators run what they know, they don't change systems. He has just changed the formations not the plays.

Sorry buddy you're wrong.

RE: Can you talk about that? Who do you consider your influences when it comes to that?
“I started under Ernie Zampese, just as Norv [Turner] did. The Don Coryell System, the three-digit pass system. My first introduction to it was when I was offensive coordinator with the Rams under Ernie Zampese and that influence. I’ve cemented my own ideas into that, but that’s basically the first of it of where my introduction to it came. We had Jim Everett at the Rams and Ernie came up from Coryell at San Diego with the three digit system and then I went with Atlanta with Rod Dowhower and the three-digit system. Really, the system, well, the three-digit system, or the west coast system of whatever you refer to it, the nomenclature of how you call in an active play is really just a functional operation of how you operate offensively.”

So no he hasn't run the WCO for 20 years, I don't know where you got that from


I love it when noobs try to act smart and get owned. LOL
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Originally posted by TX9R:
Newsflash Superfan: we haven't run the WCO in 5 years.

So we have tom rathman!
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