I hope that Balmer shows significant growth as a DT/DE and I hope that Lawson shows enough pass rushing skills to be a compliment to J. Smith and P. Haralson. I also hope that Nate Davis shows enough talent that the QB issue is settled Hill now, Smith and Davis waiting in the wings. If those two came throgh we would need the following - OG and RT, WR (assuming that Crabtree does not pan out), NT, and safety. So a lot depends upon the growth of our current players - Baas, Rachal, Pashos/Snyder, RJF, Taylor, and Smith. We could also use a monster OC as well. I don't think Cody Wallace is going to cut it. I think we have a pretty good team as it is but we do have some weak spots. A lot will depend upon McKillop as well. If he can develop he might be able to replace Spikes. So this coming draft will be very interesting especially if we see significant growth in our current players.