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Is Terrelle Pryor's 40 time really this fast?

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Pryors 40 time was electronically is legit. However, it was ran on a track on not on a football field. At a combine like setting, TP will run in the 4.4's. I have some friends that work in the football program at OSU (I live in Columbus now) and I trust their info.

Well I don't know if I should trust your info.
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Though, I doubt Pryor can run a 4.33 40 at combine, but this is a very poor article. The author thinks at 235lbs, running a 4.33 is impossible, and this is why Pryor's 40 time is bogus. Patrick Willis ran a 4.37 on pro-day at 240lbs. Vernon ran under 4.4 at 250lbs. Manny Lawson ran a 4.40 at 235lbs. Calvin Johnson ran in 4.3s at 230lbs.

I thought the same thing but Bo Jackson came to mind for me. 225lbs and a 4.16 or 4.12 40 I believe.

Holy $heet! Are you serious? That has to be a combine, if not NFL record. Is it actually possible to run a 4.16 or better and not be airborne?

Yes I am very serious

The official best-40 times in the NFL that I am aware of are as follows:

Darrel Green - 4.29
Napoleon Harris - 4.28
Devin Hester - 4.27
Deion Sanders - 4.17 and 4.23
Bo Jackson - 4.12 (1986 NFL Combine)

probably hand timed though. still ridiculously fast
Dontay Moch (Nevada) is 245 lbs and runs a 4.2.
Just by watching him play, I'd assume that he's around a 4.4. I know he's fast and he'll work to improve his 40-time, but I'm not going to buy into the hype about his speed. If he comes out, which I seriously doubt, I'd guess that he'd time around a 4.37. Still, that's track speed, not game speed.

He has deceptive speed and elusiveness, similar to Vince Young. He has excellent mobility for a QB, but Vick would run circles around him.
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